I Would

Melanie is an ordinary teenager who loves One Direction. She will meet One Direction and won't regret it. When she and her friends Ana and Francesca move to L.A., they will find something they never expected: true love.


1. The Apartment

 Mel- 18 Ana-19 Fran-18 It is summer and they move to LA 


Mel's POV

 Ana, Francesca, and I unpack into the huge apartment. There's marble flooring, crystal glass, and so much more. This apartment is stunning. We all finish and look around the apartment building. 

"This place is amazing!" Ana says.

"I know! I heard in a magazine that One Direction comes here to hang out. We should go find them!" 

We look around and can't find anything. I hear a familiar voice. 

"oh im sorry, love." this person ran into me. It was Liam Payne. I scream and he calms me down. 

"follow me," he says. We all follow him into a gigantic apartment thats 20 times bigger than ours. we soon seen four other boys. 

"I found some One Direction fans. I can tell by their shirts. I thought it would be fun to hang out."

We sit on a couch. Im next to Liam and Zayn, Ana is next to Harry, and Fran is next to Louis. We start talking and it seems like we all are hitting it off. Liam grabs my hand and i smile. Harry has his arm over Ana, and Louis keeps looking at Fran in the eyes.

Fran's POV 

Things were going perfectly. 

Louis whispered, "Maybe some time we should get together." I smile and nod.




~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comment if i should change or do anything to this story! thanks!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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