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A short Diary about me


1. Day one of Movellas

Dear Miss Diary,

This is my first activity on Movellas so im gonna talk a little about me. My name is Charlotte but i like to go by Charly. I am a cheerleader and ex-gymnast.

Today at School my friend told me about Movellas. I thought that it was a silly site with not much interest. Then she showed me it and i started reading a story about someone living with ONE DIRECTION and i was in love with it. Anyway when i got onto Movellas and looked for it i couldnt find it anywhere!!!! She also told me to search up someone called, J.KPaneasar, I didnt need to go very far because she was on the featured or something like that. I read her diary enteries and im going to start to read her stories too. She likes to call her fans Little Carrots. This is the bagde for her Little Carrots:


How Cute!!! I recomend checking out her page.

Ok, so i know not many people will read this but oh well I'm brand new to this. I like to write fanfics about Dance Moms. I already do on instagram. My accounnt is fanficsdancemoms. So that is all for today but next time i will tell you about my days.

Love, Charly

P.S Im going to start a story now <3

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