Spin the bottle

I was just a normal teenager. Until the night i got 7 minutes in heaven with my crush.... Thats when things got complicated.


1. Getting ready

A/N: Hey guys this is our first book se we  will try and update 2 to 3 times a week. Give us feedback.

Becka's P.O.V:

As I stepped out of the school bus, I realized that it's friday and the big party was tonight. All i could think about was what i was going to wear. "Hey dad" i yelled as  i walk in the house."Hey honey, how was school today" he said."OK. Dont forget i have the big party tonight, so i cant babysitt james, thx love you" i said as i ran upstairs to my room."Ya,ya love you to".

I opened my closet and stared at it good 5 seconds before texting Rachel(my best friend).

B-Hey Rach fashion crises. My house NOW!!

R-Kk np be there in a bit :)

B- Thx your a life saver

R- I know ;)

Rachel's P.O.V:

Man that girl is hoppless when it comes to fashion. She wouldn't be able to put an oufit together if it would save her life but i love her anyways."Bye mom, going to Becka's to get ready for the party" I said as i walked out."Ok have fun".

I got to Beckas house and let my self in, as usual."Hey mr.Mcken" i say before going upstairs."Hey rachel"he replies. I walk in becka's room and I see her laying on the bed."Get up" i tell her as i open her closet."Ok lets see what you have.... oh here we go wear this."I gave her the oufit.'How do you do that" she asks me"Do what?"I ask."What you just did" she says."You mean pick cloths, eveyone can do that. Your just special"

We were getting ready and as we were doing each others hair I got a text fom cassedey(The girl thats hosting party) saying:

C:Oh just to let you know i invited Liam,Zayn,Niall,Harry and Louis to the party:)

R:Ok thats fine 

I look at Becka with the biggest evil smerk on my face cuz we all now she has a crush on Liam."Why are looking at me like that" she asks"Cuz cassedey invited Liam and his friends""your point is...""My point is, are you finally gonna make a move, we all know you have the biggest chrush on him""Maybe idk"

Liam's P.O.V:

Me and the boys were getting ready at my place when I got a text from cassedey saying:

C:Oh btw I invited Becka and Rachel

L: oh ok thats kool

I turn to the guys with a smile on my face"Hey guys your not gonna guess who's comming tonight""We probably won't guess so tell us" Zayn says"No your gonna take the fun out of it"Louis objectifies"Just tell us"Harry adds"BECKA AND RACHEL."I say. As soon as i said that we all looked at Niall. He has this massive crush on Becka, and I mean MASSIVE. He starts to blush cuz he knows we know. After it got really awkwrad we continued to get ready for about an hour and then we hit the road.

Rachel's P.O.V:

"Lets go where gonna be late" i tell Becka."One minute, and plus its called fashionably late"she says."Ya by like 45 mins, not an hour and a half, so LETS GOOOO!!""Ok im comming down". She came down we left the house, it was prob 8 and the party started at 7. Oh well.


A/N: So what did you guys think about.Its our first time so if you have anything to suggest give it to us. Oh and was the chapter to long, too short we really dont know. Please tell us.











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