Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


20. Harry Styles imagine

Christmas time. Its not that you diidnt like it, its just that you always had no one to spend it with. You know, that special someone. The one to call you and say they love you, just to have those pointless convorsations with, someone to cuddle with you in the cold months, and someone to give you christmas presents from their heart. This year, your parents were dragging you to a Christmas party in a new fancy-shmancy neighbor hood where all the rich people lived. You really didnt want to go, but you know, you figured, YOLO, so you went upstairs to get dressed. You put on a pair of dark colored skinny jeans, and a black over the shoulder sweater. You pulled on your black lace up wedges and fishtailed your hair to the side. You just put on conceler, mascara, and eyeliner. You grabbed your phone, sighed deeply, and then walked back downstairs. "Alright, lets go." You mumbled, watching as your parents walked out the front door, and to the car. You hopped into the back seat, and looked on twitter on your phone, all the pointless tweets about One Direction, and The Wanted fighting. Of course you were a hug fan of One Direction, but you NEVER told anybody.

You pulled into the drive way of the house. It looked to be about 3 stories high, and cream colored on the outside. IT had Christmas lights hung outside, and there were bunches of people standing outside, and inside, just talking. You walked away from your parents, and walked inside, looking for a quiet room to sit in. You saw a little balcony, and no one was out there, so you just went out there and sighed. You leaned up against the balcony, sighing, and looking up at the sky. "Beautiful isnt it?" A voice asked next to you. You put a hand to your chest, whipping your head around to see a boy with brown curls, and dimples smiling at the sky. Of course you knew from the start who it was, but you were trying to stay cool. "Yea. Sure is." You turned and looked at the view of London from the balcony, breathing deeply again. "Im Harry." He said turning toward you. "Im Chase." You smiled at him, shaking his hand. You were screaming inside. He scooted a little closer to you, and then said "My parents throw this party every year.. I just dread coming, but you know, I want to make them happy so I do anyway." He chuckles a bit. "My parents actually dragged me out here. I didnt even want to come.." You sighed, looking over the edge at the street. "I like your name by the way, Chase." You giggled. "Thanks. My real name is Chassidy, but I like Chase more, so yea. Dont call me Chassidy." You laughed. He joined in. He was literally right next to you. "I can tell your a fan too." He winked turning, propping him self up with his elbows on the railing. "Oh... Is it that obvious?" You nervously laughed. "Well, you had that glimmer of excitement in your eyes when you looked at me. I see that in almost every fans eyes." He chuckled. "Yea well, what can I say?" You laughed again, him joining in. You looked at him, his face smiling at the ground, with his dimple shown on his cheek. You wanted to poke his cheek, but then he turned his head toward you, looking into your eyes. "CHASSIDY MARIE! WHERE ARE YOU! WE HAVE TO GO!" Your mother called. Your face dropped.

"Well, I better get going..." You sighed in dissapointment. "Wait! Do-dont go, not yet anyway. HEre." He handed you his phone. "Put your number in, and i'll text you." He smiled at you as you did so. "Here Harry, but I really have to go now!" You giggled. "Wait! One more thing..." He pointed up above you. You slolwy looked up, and noticed a mistletoe. In a very unusal spot I must say. You looked at HArry who was smirking, and then blushed a deep red and looked at the ground. He tilted your head up with his finger, and kissed you slolwy. When he pulled apart, you smiled at him, "Bye Harry." You squeezed his hand that was on youru cheek. "Bye Chassi- I mean Chase. Bye Chase." He chuckled, as you smiled and walked out the door to your car with your parents. "Why such the big smile Chase?" Your parents asked. "Well, i just met Harry Styles, and I think he just asked me out...." You giggled. You got a text saying, "I had an amzing time meeting you. Wanna meet up again tomorrw? My place? ;) xx- Harry." You smiled and replied, "Sure. I'd love to. pick me up at 7 :)xx?" You got a text back as you drove by his house one more time, and from a distance you could see a smile on his face as he waited. The text read, "Cant wait, beautiful. x ;)"

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