Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


1. Louis Tomlinson Imagine

You were the new kid at school. You considered yourself to be awkard and shy. You always wore your brown hair up in a boy tail or in a hair clip. you always wore baggy sweaters and skinny jeans. You had thick rimmed black glasses that you couldnt see with out. NEver had you ever wore makeup, and you were really shy. You had never had a boyfreind, and you read all the time. Hoemwork is your scape goat, so you dont have to talk to people.

One day you were in the library studying for a huge math exam that you had. Prom was coming up, and hinestly you werent planning on going. You didnt really care either. Your best freind Holly came up to you. Yes you had at least one friend. But it was odd, because she was nothing llike you. She was outgoing, and active. Anyway, She started tlaking about prom. "You know im not going. Why are you even talking about it." You said annoyed. "Because i want you to go with me! I dont have a date, and prom is tomorrow. Please???" She begged. "Ugh... fine.." You grumbled. "YAY! Ok, I have a whole bunch of dresses. I am going to give you a makeover for prom, and I already have the perfect dress for you." She squealed. You laughed as she headed back to class. You looked back down at your book, as you noticed your crush Louis walk past. His brown hair swept to the side, and his bright blue eyes. He was captain of the soccer team at your school, and he was with his soccer freinds. He looked your way making eye contact with you. You wuickly looked down, blushing. "Shit..." You mumbled. You looked back up and noticed that he was gone. You sighed, and got up to head over to Holly's house now. It was after school.

You arrived at Holly's house abotu 30 minuets later. She grabbed your hand as she dragged you upstairs. You guys had a girls night and the next morning, you guys started getting ready for prom. It was about 7:30 when Holly finsihed with the both of you. You looked in the mirror. You hair was down and curled. You had makeup on, but it looked natural. Your dress was baby blue, and it was flowy. It ended just above your knee, and you had on silver heels, you even had contacts in.  You smiled at yourself. "You look beautiful." Holly said. You blushed as you uys started to head down to the gym at school. You were litteraly shaking, you were so nervous. You walked in, the music blasting, and people were dancing, laughing, screaming, and talking. You watched as Holly went to go dance with some guys, and you stood there awkwardly, brushing down your dress. You noticed somebody standing in front of you. "Hi." He said. You looked up and there was Louis Tomlinson. Your crush. "Hi." You smiled slightly. "Im Louis." He smiled back. "Y/N." You shook his hand. "Well, I have never seen you before. Do you go here?" He asked. Your heart dropped. "Uhm, yea. I am the girl who sits in the back of the class. I normally have big black glasses on, and I always wear big sweaters." His eyes widned. "Yes! I know who you are! I saw you in the library yesterday." He smiled. "Wow. You look amazing. You clean up good." He said, causing you to blush. "Thanks. You too." You smiled. "Well, i wanted to know if you would like to dance." He put his hand out. "Sure." you grabbed it, and just when you got there, a slow song came on. He whispered in your ear. "I already know who you are. I've seen you around school. I was just trying to get your attention. I never did know your name though." HE said. You started blushing again. He looked in your eyes, and smiled. You looked at the ground.

"Dont. I want to see your eyes. i like not seeing them hidden. They are very beautiful." He started to say as he lifted your chin up. "There they are." He smiled. You stared into each others eyes, and he leaned into kiss you. When he pulled away. "Be my girlfriend?" HE asked. "Yea." You whispered in his ear. You guys soent the night dancing, laughing, and talking. You honestly had a good time. And you never regreted going to your highschool prom.


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