The Twist of Fate

*For the cross over competition* It is hunger games and Twilight mixed both really popular and amazing. This is what I think would happened if Katniss Everdeen moved to forks and met the Cullen's. She get's mixed into the supernatural world and everything she thought was a story is not. She finds the reaping a marshmallow compared to the world she is entered to, it's the fight for her life again.


1. Katniss P.O.V

I bend my head low, threw my bag over my back and kept walking. I looked at the signboard Forks College it read. My eyes sting with pain, tears formed in my eyes. How could Gale do this to me? He had betrayed my trust, I heard him with my own eyes. He said he was pretending to love me, was the love I thought he gave me a complete fake. It had hurt a lot, like someone slapping me, but worse. After Prim died, I couldn't stay there, not one more minute. I had flew as far away as possible to Forks.

I walked inside the high school, girls and boys were chatting noisily, there were the normal groups; Jocks, the geeks, the popular and the rest. My eyes met a handsome boy, whose eyes were like warm honey, he had arms around a beautiful brunette girl. I held my time table and saw I had English with Mr. Mason, room 4 it read. A boy with blue clear eyes and honey blonde hair walked to me.

"Are you new here" he asked. I looked at him with a dumb expression, couldn't he see that I was new, I looked at him, he reminded me of a over friendly doggy.

"Yes" I answered him.

"I'm Mike" the boy who was called Mike answered smiling.

"I'm Katniss" I replied politely.

"What's your next lesson" Mike asked eagerly.

"English with Mr.Mason" I mumbled anxiously.

"Awesome, we've got the same lesson" Mike exclaimed. I nodded my head, hopefully he would leave me alone. I walked to room 4, Mike walked beside me. I walked inside, there were loads of pupils seated, a man stood at the table who I assumed to be Mr. Mason. Mike smiled at me, then walked to his seat.

"Hello class, today we have a new pupil Katniss Everdeen, we hope you fit in, please sit beside Mr. Cullen" Mr.Mason ordered, pointing to a seat beside the handsome boy and the beautiful girl. I walked to the seat, everyone eyes were on me, I smiled weakly and took my seat.

"I'm Isabella Cullen but call me Bella" the beautiful girl whispered.

"I'm Edward Cullen and yes were married" the handsome boy murmured, like he didn't care if he thought whatever about him. I nodded dumbly, did everyone get married young here, I mean they looked my age, and I would never think about getting married. I found it really strange that they were married, but didn't say anything.

"I'm Katniss Everdeen" I whispered back.

"As in Katniss who" Edward began to say. I nodded my head, trying not to attract any attention.

"Miss Everdeen, no talking in my lesson" Mr. Mason shouted. I nodded my head, this teacher was well strict. I was going to answer back then stopped myself, getting in trouble on my first day wasn't good. A girl beside me handed me a notebook, I nodded my head and took the book. I turned the book around and began scribbling, I glanced at my book it read Gale  I scribbled over it. I missed everyone so much; Peeta, Rue, Finnick. I thought about Gale when I asked him, if it was his bomb that killed Prim, he had shook his head, had the one I thought was my soul mate kill my sister. I threw the book away angrily, then burst into tears  I put my head on the table and watched my tears fall. Memories rushed into me about Prim, I missed her so much, like I had been cut into two. Prim was my other side, and I missed her so much, how was I going to live without her? She was the person I cared most about. Oh Prim I cried painfully  letting my emotions flow.


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