Friends With Benefits: A Harry Styles Love Story

A Harry Styles Fanfic


13. CHAPTER 13



Harry P.O.V.

"So what do you lads want to do today?" Niall asked.

We all pondered for a moment.

"What do you think, Les?" I asked.

"Oh, I can come too?" she asked innocently.

"Of course, Love, we wouldn't just leave you behind," I said with a smile.

"Oh okay, if you insist," she said with a cute smile. "I just didn't think you'd want to be dragging along a girl with you."

"I don't think any guy would ever not want a pretty girl to tag along with them," Louis said cheekily. I let that slide since it was Louis.

"How about the carnival that's in town?" Liam suggested.

"That sounds fun!" Leslie said. "And you should invite Danielle too!"

Liam's eyes lit up.

"Yes! All girls love carnival dates!" Liam said enthusiastically.

"Most definitely," Leslie agreed.

Something clicked.

"I'm in!" I said, realizing that this would be the perfect chance to win Leslie over. Like Liam said, what girl doesn't like a carnival date?

"You should invite that Jake fellow," Liam suggested. 

No Liam. WHY. 

"Oh um, yeah I guess I could," she said as she got out her phone.

Leslie P.O.V.

I really didn't want to hang out with Jake, but I figured I needed to move on somehow. Harry obviously wasn't interested if he told me to go with another guy.

I saw that I already had a text from Jake. "Alright cool :)" it said. I texted back saying, "Hey, we're all going to the carnival later, want to come with?" About a minute later he texted back, "Yeah sounds fun, around what time?"

"Hey around what time should I tell Jake to meet us there?" I asked out loud.

I saw Harry make a face out of the corner of my eye. I ignored it.

"Well we still have to get home and change," Zayn said, glancing over to Liam expectantly.

"Oh, right, I'm you guys' ride!" Liam said. "Umm well, I say about 7?" Liam suggested.

Everyone agreed.

"Alright then, 7 it is!" I said. 

I texted Jake and he said it was fine.

We said bye to the boys as they all packed into Liam's car, and took off. 

It was only Harry and I now. We had a lot of time to kill since it was only 2 o'clock, so we decided to head over and sit on the couch and see what was on Netflix. 

"Ooh, let's watch a scary movie," he said as he chose the movie 'Dead Silence.' 

"Oh my god, you know I hate scary movies," I said, already scared by the way the movie cover looked.

"I know, but it will be fine, Love. Please?"

"Okay..." I said reluctantly. "I apologize in advance for how I may react," I said.

He laughed. 

The movie was so scary. It was about ventriloquist dolls coming to life. I knew I wasn't going to sleep tonight.

Something scary popped up onto the screen. I screamed, and without thinking, I instinctively grabbed the blanket over me (the one Zayn had left there from last night) and put my head into Harry's chest, covering my eyes.

He put his arm around me and I froze. I shouldn't be doing this. It only hurts me more to see him doing things like this. Then I started giggling.

"What are you laughing about?" Harry said looking down at me.

I sat up and he took his arm off from around me. I looked at the covers and smelled them. 

"Zayn's cologne," I said, laughing. "It's so strong; I can still smell it on here from when he used it last night." I smelled it again. It smelt so good. I love the smell of boy's cologne. 

"Mmm," I said taking in a whiff and smiling.

"You're so weird," he said teasingly.

Yes. The subject changed. I went back to watching the movie, curling up at the opposite side of the couch, so I wouldn't cuddle up to Harry again. I wanted to so bad, but I knew I couldn't put myself through that, knowing he didn't feel the same.

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