Not Sadness But Sorrow

sadness and sorrow


1. Not Sadness But Sorrow ~Emily Bell

Sorrow is nothing but a dead end.

Every soul waiting for the end.

But it will never come.

Every happy moment stained with black.

All is left is nothing but four black walls, that swallow you in.

You feel that you're trapped.

Like a prisoner waiting for their sentence to end.

25 to life, nothing but sorrow and pain.

Not like all normal, usual pain, but

a pain that you never thought was possible.

You wait in a dark meadow waiting and waiting for the light to rise.

You look up in the dark sky, but

only what you see is the stars fading away.

As though, those last speck of light is all that is left in your soul,

but soon to come

all will be stained with the shadows of black.

You feel lost and lonely,

but this time you can not turn away or leave it all behind.

These shadows of black are here to come and go,

there here to swallow and take you away to a place worse then hell,

worse then you can ever imagine.

Sadness is just a word to the mind.

But Sorrow is a word to

the soul.

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