Imagine it with One Direction

Hi! It's Kimberly and Tenzin! We'll be writing fanfics :)
This is also uploaded on Wattpad same username! check it out!
we will start requests soon, but our school is very strict with work, so we might have to pick people, but don't be mad if we don't get to yours! There might be a few guest writers.

the cover for this is Kimberly and taken and edited by Kimberly
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1. imagine harry #1 part 1

You recently become obsessed with the photography on instagram, and started to do it. Your boyfriend Harry and You are a perfect couple and you want to show the world. But he never had the time out of his busy schedule to take time with you and take tumblr worthy pictures...

Your p.o.v. 

I woke up to Harry squeezing me really tight

"what's wrong?"

Harry: "nothing, but I have a surprise for you."

You: what is it?

Harry: you'll see soon, get dressed

You both get up and get dressed. You decide to wear something less casual but not quite fancy either.

When you're both ready Harry tells you that he wants to go to the empty field right next to the abandoned house


Soon you guys arrive at the field of grass and you notice Harry brought a bag with him.

You: what's in there? 

He sits down and takes everything out

Harry: I got these for you. *he pulls out the canon eos rebel t3i and a tripod.

You've been using your small camera which was not good and dreamed of having a slr camera.

You: Harry, thank you so much  

*you jumped on top of him as he lays on the grass* wait but why did you bring me here to show me?

Harry: you might've noticed I'm quite a photographer myself.


Harry: can I take your pictures? I saw the people who you're following and they go to scary places like that abandoned house an empty fields.

You: how adorable and yes you can *you had a huge smile And you kissed him on the cheek

You guys got up and started walking toward the abandoned house

You: Harry.. I'm scared what of these pictures are not worth it?

Harry: I'm right here and youre safe

You felt his goosebumps

You: oh so your not scared. Yea I believe you.  

You said sarcastically and giggled

Harry settles the camera on the tripod and told you how to pose. He took many shots and you switched places

He was making the funniest poses acting like he was on a runway

You the tripod and you guys started to take pictures together with a timer.half of them were you kissing. There were ones of you standing on his toes, hugs, and mostly playing around. 

You finally look at the pictures...

You: wow Harry you're actually a pretty good photographer and not to mention your modeling skills! You're perfect!!

Harry: I'm not but you are. 

*his soft lips meet yours and you have a gentle but romantic kiss*


Read part 2~Kimberly

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