Live While We're Young

A Preference
Read Like You Were Writing This In Your Journal or Whatever


1. Harry(:

Your P.O.V

"Harry!? Where are you?" I holler searching the house for your boyfriend. "I'm in the kitchen. Jeez" Harry replies. "When are we leaving? I want to go!" I whine (Jokingly). We are going camping with the other boys and their girlfriends. I've been planning this for months and we finally get to go, my first time, too. Harry pulls me close to him and whispers, "Chill" with a big grin across his face, he kissed me and continues putting drinks into a cooler.

1 Hour Later...

*Ding Dong*

I look through the little peep hole and there they were! The lads were at the door and the RV was parked in the driveway. I called Harry and grabbed my stuff. After we put everything in the RV Harry sat down next to me. "You guys want some snacks?" Liam asks. He puts some packets of caramel popcorn and goldfish on the table. Eventually we drifted off and left Louis to drive.

Once we got to the campsite it was 7:00 so it was getting dark. Zayn and Harry were making a fire while I was making some dinner with Eleanor (Tacos!!). The other boys and Perrie were sitting just watching Harry and Zayn work their asses off. 

Me and Harry were cuddling on a bench around the fire while Liam and Zayn were singing Live While We're Young. Harry was gently humming along with them into my ear. I closed my eyes and accidently fell asleep. Romantic, huh.






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