Let Me Love You (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Remy Cowell is your everyday average girl. Well, if you count being Simon Cowell's daughter average. She prefers not to be known as "OMG LOOK IT'S REMY COWELL!" she hates it. She wishes her dad was never famous. Then one day, she moves to L.A to spend the summer with her father. Her father owns the record label that One Direction work with. What Remy thought was going to be a normal summer vacation, will turn out to be so much more than that.


1. Meet Remy Cowell

Hey everyone. I'm Remy, Remy Cowell. I am the daughter of Simon and Patricia Cowell. My dad is famous. I hate it. Because he's famous, I'm famous, it's just, ARGH. I have long golden brown hair that goes down to halfway down my back. I have bright blue eyes, and when I say bright blue, I MEAN bright blue. I prefer to wear really expensive things. Well, dad is famous so I get at least SOMETHING out of it. Haha, anyway lovelies, I have to go now. Meeting my father at the airport. Oh, one more thing, my parents got a divorce when I was 13, I'm 19 now. My mom got married to a guy named Timothy when I was 17. My dad still sends down a lot of money to me though, cause he loves me. (: ok, I will see ya later!
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