Be My Last First Kiss?

Christina Alexandra Cruz, was just that normal 14 year old country side girl in Tennessee . What if on the day of her 15th birthday, 13 September , she passes out and finds out she has a Stage 1 case of Leukemia plus has only 4 years to live? . Will she give up on her life? but what if 5 boys made her life actually living worth a while? . Along with her crazy best friends , Natasha , Skyler , Eaindra and Aleesyah?.


1. being 14 .

Alex P.O.V

I woke up this morning, from the sunlight shining through the curtains. I rubbed my eyes, I still had blurry vision, I went over to my window seeing the breath taking view. I loved Tennessee , the farms and the view is always breath taking . I took my hair clip and put my hair into a bun, I opened my door the smell of pancakes filled the house , I jogged down the stairs as usual my dad was reading the newspaper and drinking coffee, the other hand my mom wearing her floral apron , cooking delicious breakfast as always . I kissed my dad's cheek, My mom's too , when I hear a big thud I looked up seeing a sleepy Brandon . Brandon is my older brother , I have 2 older brothers , Brandon and Danny , but Danny is in the US Military forces , he usually is away from home but he always tries to be home for Christmas , My birthday and Summer . I sat down, poured some orange juice and gulped it down .

"Good Morning twerp . " Brandon ruffles my hair , I stuck my tongue out and he rolled his eyes . My mom sat down and ate, so did Brandon.

" So, is Danny going home for my Birthday tomorrow? " I asked, breaking the silence in the room.

" Well, I don't think so . Danny has training , the Commander in chief wouldn't let him . " My dad says , I nodded and continued eating but I lost my appetite , Danny hasn't been home since Last Christmas , I put my plates in the dishwasher and headed back to my room . I took a quick shower , wore a Tank Top , shorts and a pair of converse .

" I'm heading to Skyler's . " My mom stands up, kisses my forehead .

" Be back early . " I nod and head out . Some of our neighbors greeted me an early birthday wish , I thanked them , Skyler's house was just right beside mine , I knocked the door her mom opened it .

" Good Morning Mrs Johnson , is Skyler awake? " She nods and lets me in .

" Oh and , Alex Advanced Happy Birthday darling . " She smiled at me , I thanked her and went up hearing Skyler singing a song. I rolled my eyes , this must be a new One Direction song.

" NO STOP MY EARS HURT ! " I shouted , she turned around and gave me a smirk . I walked in her room , One Direction posters everywhere , I barely know who they even were , Skyler knows cause she has been to New York and loads of places  , she says there were a lot of One Direction merchandise . I just nod , she says she will just take a quick shower , she heads out when I started fiddling around her computer , They must have a new album , cause this was new I was about to click one of them when Skyler popped out from no where.

" Let's go? " She smiles, I nod and head out . As usual we head to Natasha, Eaindra and Aleesyah's house . I went home around , 3 pm and helped my mom do some housework. I couldn't wait to be 15 , I could finally have a little freedom , I wish it goes the way I wanted .

(( HEY GUYS YES I'M WRITING :D , IT'S ALEX BTW .. I deleted My Goal Keeper , cause I thought it got really boring . So if I don't write in this one you already know , I have a superb exam coming so please understand kay? ^^ byeeee ))

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