Magical Sparks That Ignite the Fire

Harry Potter, Peeta Mellarks best friend, volunteers as tribute in Peeta's place when Katniss volunteers for her sister. Harry has a secret that coudl save his and Katniss' life but ruin the Capitol. The choice he has to make is to tell or not, to defy the Capitol or keep Panem the same. What will HArry chose and what will KAtniss do?


1. The Reaping

Katniss P.O.V

I tried to stay positive but knowing Prim’s name was in the reaping made me nervous. I could care that my name was in there many times, I just wanted Prim to be fine. After putting on the dress mum had laid out I walked out to where Prim and mum were. “You look beautiful.” Mum said. I don’t talk to her often, I still cant get over how mum just left Prim and I after dads death. That was the time we really needed her and she just left. Luckily Prim spoke so I didn’t have to reply. “I wish I was as pretty as you.” “No little duck I wish I was as pretty as you.” I said kneeling in front of her. The sound I had been dreading to hear all day went off, the sound the reaping was going to begin and we had to start making our way over to where is was held, the town circle. I could see Prim’s face go pale, that when I remembered it, the pin. “Here I got this for you.” I said getting the pin out. “ It’s a mockingjay. As long as you have it nothing bad will happen to you, I promise.” I said pinning it to her shirt.

We made our way to the reaping and I got Prim through all the checks and everything and directed her to where she had to stand. Effie Trinket walked onto the stage and began her speech about the Capitol and put the clip on. She must have been thrown at a fan at birth because the way she dressed was incredibly weird. The way she looked made me cringe. All of it, the clothes, the colours, everything was over the top and not even attractive. “Now to select one brave boy and girl…” Effie started. Nerves spread through my whole body but not for me, for Prim. “Ladies first.” Effie walked over to the glass bowl that held all the names of the girls in District 12 between the ages of 12 and 18. “Primrose Everdeen.” I froze, that cant be true. Effie didn’t say that name, surely it cant be true.

A large smash forced me back to reality. I looked at the stage and see the glass reaping ball had smashed into tiny pieces, every was confused at  what had just happened. People rushed onto the stage to clean the glass. Everyone was looking at Effie for an explanation, but she had no explanation., “Primrose Everdeen.” She called again. Everyone made way for Prim to get through. I couldn’t let her go into the games she was too young, I could lose her. I pushed through everyone and made it to the aisle. The Peacekeepers immediately tried to push me away. “I volunteer!” I yelled. I felt the grip loosen so I pushed through. “I volunteer as tribute.” I said standing straight as if to be proud, like I had seen many other tributes do before. “I see we have our first ever volunteer from District 12 please come forward.” Effie’s tone annoyed me, she sounded delighted that I had just agreed to die. “Katniss no.” Prim protested as I hugged her. “Prim just go find mum it will be okay.” I said before letting go. She started yelling and my heart broke, tears threatened to escape my eyes but I had to stay strong, Gale had come to get Prim and was taking her away. If he hadn’t taken her away I would’ve cried most likely.

I walked up to the stage and to the microphone. “And what’s your name dear?” Effie asked. ‘Katniss Everdeen.” I said without any emotion. “I bet that was your sister wasn’t it.” Effie questioned. “Yes.” I answered quickly. “Wouldn’t want her stealing the spotlight would we now.” Effie said happily. I scoffed and held back my anger. All I wanted to do was yell at her and remind her that I had just saved her life! This had nothing to do with me, this was about Prim. “And now for the boys.” Effie announced walking to the other glass ball, the one that wasn’t broken. “Peeta Mellark.” Why? What did I do so wrong. I couldn’t possible fight against Peeta, he saved me. The flashback of when Peeta threw the bread to me ran through my mind. As I watched Peeta walk up, yet again we were disturbed by a noise. “I volunteer.” A hand shot up from next to where Peeta came from. I recognised him but I couldn’t remember his name, I know he goes to school with me. “Volunteers may become a tradition in District 12 now.” Effie said excitedly. She was probably happy that we were putting on a good show unlike the 73 years before. Peeta and the volunteer, who I still cant remember the name of, shared a friendly ‘guy’ hug before he walked onto the stage. “And what is your name.” Effie said excitedly. “Harry Potter.” He replied. Now I remember him, he lived near the bakery and was friends with Peeta. He was quite and reserved like he had something to hide, which made me wonder why he was friends with Peeta who was friends with everyone. So many thought run through my mind as Effie lead Harry and I into our room s where we would be able to say goodbye to our friends and family. I sat in the room waiting for the awful moment when I would have to say goodbye.

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