Charlie Black never expected normal drama, the kind every teenage girl goes through, to arise with her favorite band, One Direction. It all seems too good to be true...
**Zayn Malik and Niall Horan fanfiction
This is my first fan fiction guys; I'm really excited! Happy Take Me Home! I've beena fan of Movellas for a while; I really an happy!


1. Charlie




    I dashed away and hid behind the corner, hoping he wouldn't find me. It would totally ruin it!
    "Charlie," A too sweet voice called out. "Come out, come out wherever you are."
    I peeked to see Alex turned around, looking at the door of my bedroom. Haha, he thought I was in there?
    My heart raced as I watched him turn around. I swung back around the corner, my back against the wall.
    "I know where someone is," His voice said again. "Come out from behind there."

    I couldn't help giggling as a crept out from my hiding place. Alex looked at me, arms crossed, his green eyes bright with amusement. I put my hands up in surrender.

    "You found me," I said, laughing. I pushed my glasses up so they wouldn't slip off my nose.
    "Finally!" Alex put a hand over his mouth to cover a laugh. He walked over and put an arm around my shoulder. "You're still coming to my party, right?" 
    I looked up at him.
    "Of course! It's Pirate themed! And we've been waiting forever for you to turn nine!" 
    "Great! Remember, I want 
    "Star Wars face paint kit. I know. Now go home before your mom gets mad, stupid," Alex looked down at me. We both laughed one last time, and then he turned away and out the front door.
    "Stupid is a mean word!"


Chapter One:


    I pushed a strand of dark hair from my face as I claimed shotgun in Alex's Mustang.
    "Yeah! School's finally out!" Alex's friend, Matthew, screamed. Alex laughed, flicking his long, strawberry hair out of his face. He started up the car, and music blasted from the speakers.
    I, Alex, Matt, and another one of Alex's friend's, Tyler, were all going out to lunch to celebrate summer's arrival and the end of school. Alex placed a hand on the wheel and another on his lap as we drove down to the one and only: 
Golden Corral.
    "Turn it up! I love this song!" Matt called from the back. I turned it up as Matt and Tyler sang along to Pitbull's ' Miss International Love'. Alex laughed again.
    "You're in a good mood," I had to raise my voice just a little to be heard over the speakers.
     "I'm with my best friends, going to my favorite restaurant, and school's out!" Alex shouted back. 
    "Awe; you’re so cheesy," I ruffled his hair. He took a second to fix it, expertly keeping his eyes on the road.
    We finally pulled up into the parking lot. Tyler jumped out first. “I'm so hungry; I could eat Charlie's horse!"

 I gave him a whack in the head for that.

    "No one messes with the horse!" Matt said, snickering.
We all got our drinks and grabbed a table. Matt and Alex went up first. I decided to let them go, knowing they would take two of everything. I was surprised Tyler hadn't gone up, since he was 'so hungry' a minute ago. At least he was more of a gentleman. I'd seen Matt eat; scarred for life.

    "So, how is your horse?" Tyler asked, grinning.
    "Not appetizer fit," I said, trying to keep a straight face.
    "Awe," Tyler laughed. Hey, at least everyone was in a good mood! "I can tell you're glad school's over."
    "Heck yeah," I murmured. "Mr. Ramie was a nightmare!"
    "I know," Tyler sighed, trying to look sad.   

   Alex and Matt sat down, plates loaded.

    "Is there anything left?!" I announced as I eyed their loads.
    "Let's go and see," 
    I followed Tyler around the surprising not busy buffet, grabbing various foods.

         I got back and sat down. Matt had his face stuffed with blueberries, and Alex was working on some fried salmon. Ugh, I hated fish.

    "God, aren't you full yet?" Tyler asked, looking at them munch along like slobs. Their once-full plates were decreasing in food rapidly fast. "You're going to put yourselves in a food coma! We need an ambulance on speed dial!"
    I dug into my food, but definitely not like the two boys. Tyler ate a littler bit better, but once he got going, it wasn't better by much.
    "Ewe, you're such guys. Can't you see we're in a public place?" I hissed playfully, but meaningfully.
    "Oh please," Alex turned around, wiping his mouth (with his napkin at least). "I've seen you take down Buffalo wings! It's not pretty!" I felt a slight blush creep up my neck. I could rip a chicken apart.
    "Awe, I'm just kidding," Alex patted me on the back. "It's cute. What am I saying? I can't lie! It’s horrible!" He met my eyes. "But I love you anyway." I smiled.
    "Spoken from a true friend," I gestured with my hand.

         We laughed.

    Soon we were all finished with our meal. Alex paid the bill, and drove Tyler and Matt home.
    "Bye!" We all called to Matt as he disappeared into the house.
    Soon Alex and I were alone the car, driving home.
    "So, got anything planned tomorrow?" Alex asked me cheekily.
    "Going to visit Blast in the morning, why?" A smile crept on my face as he explained his little plan.
    "Sound like fun?" Alex smiled at my reaction.
    "Does it?! You should have told me earlier!" I screamed as we pulled into his driveway. "They're my favorite band!"

   Alex laughed and covered his ears. I couldn't believe what he had told me! I was going to a One Direction concert! A real 1D concert with my best friend! This was the best day ever! Tomorrow night was going to be amazing! 


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