The Twilight Games

Edward Cullen from district 7 gets selected to participate in the 20th Quarter Quell with his girlfriend Bella. And then there's Damon and Stefan Salvatore.


3. The Capitol


 Bella stared out the window, excited on when we would reach The Capitol. I however, was not interested. I was still mad at Damon for killing my girlfriend, and me and when we awakened he forced us to drink some Avox that he had claimed was spying on us. I hate him. Then again, he's well known in District 7 for being a flirt and an arrogant toe-rag. Stefan is the likeable one. I'm happy that Bella has him, but I also fear that I will not survive this. Sure I'm basically immortal now- I fear only a sharpened piece of wood, but hey- half of Panem will be watching me. Kill or be killed. It was about when we were eating our dinner when Bella exclaimed "Look! It's the Capitol!!" It seemed everyone in the city had come to watch us arrive. Waving and cheering. Stefan mentioned yesterday at lunch, the sponsors were the key to survival in the hunger games. So up to the window I went, smiling and waving, until my mouth stopped working and my hand basically died on me. We were hustled out of the train- and we heard the crowds’ screams for real. It was deafening. The peacekeepers had to push everyone back, so we could get through safely. That was also about when that I saw the Capitol for real. Gigantic domes and spirals, courtyards and parks, houses the size of our justice building- some even larger. We were escorted to the training center, which obviously I had only seen on television during the hunger games. That was nothing. Compared to the real thing- it literally blew my mind away. But the people- pink hair, whiskers, gems implanted into the flesh and skin dyed unnatural colours. Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow. All of them. Freaks. We entered the Training Center, and was guided towards an elevator. I'd never been in one before- there was one in the Justice Building, but it was less fancy, and woebegone. The whole ride only took about 30 seconds but Bella and I were both holding tight to the rails. "Floor number 7" The elevators voice murmured drearily. "Doors Opening." When the doors opened, again I was astonished at the exquisite designs, the floorless patterns and carvings into the wall and floor. A blonde-haired avox waited silently by the door, then when she saw me she beckoned silently, for me to follow her- which I did. She led me to a room, my room- its beautiful designs and up-to-date technology. She left me to my thoughts after making sure that I had everything I needed. I went and sat on the bed- fiddling with all the remote controllers. One that changed my window- an old design but they had added more choices to the selection. I changed the window to a scene of District 7. People working- chopping up logs. Sending the lumber to the capitol. I turned it off. I lay down on my bed to think. 

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