The Twilight Games

Edward Cullen from district 7 gets selected to participate in the 20th Quarter Quell with his girlfriend Bella. And then there's Damon and Stefan Salvatore.


1. The Reaping


The Reaping happens today. I mean I can't die but whatever, it still freaks me out. Bella seems so subdued today. She knows that something terrible will happen today. Carlisle and Esme, they fear our lives, Rosalie, she doesn't seem to give a damn about Bella. I heard a knocking at the door. "Come in." I murmured. "Edward." Came Bella's distorted voice from behind the door. I was up at the door in a second, opening it wide. Bella was in her normal jeans and t-shirt. Obviously Alice hadn't gotten through with her this morning. "What?" I asked.

"It's 1.30. We have to go there now. To the justice building." I stepped aside and beckoned her in.

"Bella, I'm not a vampire. I was lying to you. I'm just a normal teenage kid, who happens to be persuasive." Bella backed off a step. I bare my normal canines at her, and laugh.

"Then what does that make me?"

"A normal human girl who is mentally disturbed." Bella turned and ran out of the room, and out of the house. So much for eternal happily ever after.


"The boy representative for district 7 is... Edward Cullen. Come on up, don't be shy." I set my jaw and walked up to the stage in front of the justice building. And thought I'd never see Bella again. Until...

"The girl representative is Bella Swan." Bella stumbled up onto the stage. She stared blankly into the crowd, not fully understanding what had just happened. "Now, shake hands." I walked forward to Bella she raised her hand automatically to shake my hand, but to the crowds astonishment I avoided the hand and pulled her into a hug. I kissed her hair, suddenly terrified on what was going to happen to us. She was crying, tears streaming down her face, onto my shirt. We had only 5 minutes to say goodbye to our families. Carlisle hugged me and didn't let go until he was dragged away. Same with Esme. Rosalie and Emmet wished me luck, then walked out without another word. Alice and Jazz, Alice said that I'd better come home, otherwise I'll have to answer to her. Jazz quickly ran through every battle move he could think of. Then he too was dragged from the room, and I was escorted away from the Justice building, probably never to see it again. 

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