The Best Fandom Tale Ever Told

What do you think would happen if Jack Skellington, Sally and their (Fiction) Daughter Judy and Harry met? What would the Vampires from Twilight think of the Marks on the House of Night's characters heads? Would Sherlock try to figure out the science of Max's family? Would Star Wars team up with the Tributes? Will Voldemort like this big team?

All will be revealed in this crossed book......


1. 1

Amy rushed down the TARDIS steps.

'Doctor?' She called. His head poked out from the side of the middle of the machinery.

'Yes Pond?' She frowned at his cheesy grin.

'Where are we going? After seeing Marlyn, Rory's been singing those songs and we need to shut him up!' The Doctor just laughed. Amy smiled before a light bump shuddered the TARDIS. They looked at each other, then the Doctor ran to the doors. 

'What was that?' Rory shouted, running towards them.

'Don't know, but we're about to find out.' He yelled, before launching the doors open.They stared outside at a square, white checked courtyard with arches all around. There was a boy, about seventeen, looking around the fountain in the center. Amy turned to the Doctor then Rory. Then returned to stare at the young boy.

'Doctor... where are we?' She asked, stepping towards the boy. The Doctor thought.

'Maybe some ancient century. By the look of them clothes on that boy, maybe about, early 1800 century.' Amy shook her head. Then ran to the boy.

'AMY!' The Doctor roared. Rory pushed past him and tried to catch up with Amy.

'RORY!' He yelled, chasing after him. The boy looked up, startled. Amy stopped in front of him, out of breath, looking at him.

'Hiya,' She said smiling. The boy coward away from her, a scared look in his eyes.

'No need to be afraid. I'm wondering... what's your name and what year is this?' The boy stared at her, then relaxed.

'Neville. Neville Longbottom, and the year is 2011' Amy smiled, wiping her brow. Thank god, she thought.

'Amy, don't do that again.' The Doctor said, running up with Rory. She frowned at them, before turning to the boy to question him again.

'Neville... where exactly is this place?' He frowned the answered, worried.

'Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, school to the legendary Harry Potter.' The Doctor took his Sonic Screwdriver from his pocket and scanned Neville.

'What are you doing?!' Neville screeched. The Doctor turned to his companions.

'Well, he's clear' He grinned. 'Now, you were saying something about a Harry Potter? Can we meet him?' Neville smiled.

'Of course.' He said, 'but you must know something about him.'

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