Opposites attract

Princess Sophie must marry a boy from her Ice realm . When she meets a young prince she fall in love . Her parents won't let her marry him because this is the prince of the fire realm .


1. Ice

Sophies p.o.v

I was coming to my last couple of days to graduation. That's when I would have to marry him. Prince Malcolm of shimmer. A posh stuck up snob he's an ass it's alway " Sophie my pudding fetch me my slippers over by the bed " his voice makes my fist clench .
I don't want to marry that asshole . But I have to , to unite the two kingdoms on the ice realm . It is my duty .
I walk into class Maria my best friend is standing at the front trying to waltz .
" MARIA !!! " screeched Madame louisa . " straighten your back you are a lady not a norm " .
I rolled my eyes. Norms are people who live without magic only royals lady's and duchess can use it .
Maria walked over to me " good luck Sophie " she whispered as she walked past me.
I stood in front of Malcolm he was dressed in a dark blue tux that fitted perfectly with my dark blue strapless ball gown . I hate him so much she smiled as he took my hand and pulled me closer to him. I didn't smile while I danced . We glided across the floor or would I say he dragged me across the floor . I was relieved when the music ended . I stormed away from him and stamped on his foot with my heels .
He screamed in ' pain ' .
" jeffrey Jeffrey ,this lady kicked me look her in the tower cut of her head " he shouted to his guard .
" yes sir right away sir " he walked over to me " you have to come with me " he said as he tugged on my arm .
' I am the princess and I order you to stop ' he cut out the tugging and walked out the room.

I wish I was normal I wish I was free . I wish I wasn't the princess.

That night I creeped out of my window . I took of my gown and put on a dress I brought of a villager this morning . I looked in the mirror I looked like a norm . I smiled as I ran through the forest . Science I was little I was all ways told the fire realm was evil home to the devil him self . Everybody believed these stories nobody has crossed the line in over 400 years . I looked through the boundary lune I could see village the people were smiling dancing in around the flames the children laughed with the man who stood in the centre circle. Thats when i saw him .He laughed and danced to his own rhythm. He free I walked across the boundary and joined in the dance .

David's p.o.v

She was beautiful . Her smile could bring a man to his knees . Her laugh was like the chimes in heaven . I want her .
I danced over to her I took her hand . She wore leather riding gloves and a beautiful dress that I never saw people in this village wear .
Her blonde hair was platted to the side with a blue ridden . She wore a chain that was tucked into her strapped corset . We danced in circles .
' what is your name beautiful ' I asked. She looked down and blushed .
" it is not important " her voice was just as wonderful as her laughed she had the voice of an angle .
' let me guess ' I said , she nodded .
'Angle ' Angelica ,Rose ' he guessed I shook my head at each guess.
I removed her glove and kissed her hand . The skin made me jump it was not warm like it was on fire but cold . so cold it could of been ice .
' ice ' I hissed under my breath at it seemed strange that someone as beautiful as her was a witch a monster of ice the complete opposite to me . ' Run ' I whispered in her ear .
She turned and sprinted towards the boundary line . My angle of ice was gone because of me I wished she had stayed longer so I could get to know her .I wanted to call out to her but I didn't know her name . I looked out towards were she had run she was no were to be seen.
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