Over Again

Over Again is about a 18 year-old girl named Cassandra Walker. Cassandra and Liam Payne used to go out before Liam met Danielle, but now that Payzer broke up, Cassandra wants Liam back.


1. I Never Let You Go

Cassandra's POV

I looked out my window. Snow. In September. Wolverhampton never got snow this early. Looking at the snow reminded me of the times Liam and I used to have in my backyard. Now he's off with his band, One Direction. Their such a big hit he probably doesn't even remember me. Oh well.

I ran down the stairs of the house that was now mine. My mom and dad had just moved to the states so i was all alone. I turned on the TV and there they were. I sat on the sofa and watched them until one question came up. "So are you boys missing any old friends?" the interviewer asked. "Well, there's this girl called Cassandra and I was dating her before the X Factor and I guess we really never saw her again." Liam said, a tear rolling down his cheek. "I miss you too, Liam." I said between sobs. "Cassandra, if you're watching this, I really miss you. Ring me up and maybe we can see each other soon." Liam said and that's when it hit me. He never forgot about me, he wanted to be with me as much as i wanted to be with him. 

After the interview was over I ran upstairs to get my iPhone. I scrolled through my contacts to find Liam's number. Once I found it I called the number. RING RING RING. I was shaking with excitement. "Cassandra?" someone said on the other line. "Liam?" I said back. "Oh my lord I've missed you so much!!" he practically yelled through the phone. I giggled. "And I've missed that laugh." "Well I miss you more than you think. Actually, i was thinking this morning and since you're back in Wolverhampton on holiday, wanna hang out?" I said, crossing my fingers and hoping he would say yes. "Sure! That"s a great idea. Should I come over tomorrow and we'll have a movie marathon?" "Yeah that would be great!" "Oh and can I bring the boys? They're dying to meet you." "Yeah I would love to meet them." "Great! Then I guess I"ll see you tomorrow?" "Yup I can't wait! See you then. Bye!" "Bye!" we both hung up. Maybe Liam and i would get back together after all.

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