[This is the third story after Lost Love] Harry can't trust himself, Daniella doesn't want to live, and everythings just wrong. What will happen when Daniella falls into a deep depression and nobody can reach her anymore. Louis finds her, but in a state that is almost scary. Harry, she needs help. She needs you.

[A/N- This story picks up the day after the last story ended. Thank You! XOXO Dani]


1. Broken and Scarred



Chapter 1  

~ Louis's POV~  

"Hey, Liam! I'm going over to check on Dani!" I yell at him as I walk out the door.

"Kay! I'm gonna invite Sheridan over." He yelled. But I was already out the door. When I got to my car, I tried to call Harry one more time, but as usual, he didn't answered. I had only talked to him yesterday when he was over at Abby's flat. But I needed to have a serious conversation with him. And well I kind of can't do that unless he actually answers his phone. Which lately again he hasn't been answering the phone or anything at all, it's almost as if he disappeared off the face of the earth. I was praying that Niall and Zayn might have talked some sense into him and they planning on how to get the two back together. The ride to Nate's house was only five minutes; when I there, Nate answered the door almost instantly. 

"Hey Lou." He said, moving allowing me to walk past him. 

"Hey Nate." I mimicked as I walked into the living room were he had the TV on. 

"Dani's in her room. She hasn't come out since dinner last night. She usually jogs or talks or does something. She only acts like this if she's sick." He informs me, before sitting back down on the couch and staring at the screen. He wasn't at all entertained by whatever was on it, he seemed more lost in thought then anything. 

"I'll go check on her." I walked up the stairs and down the hall to her room. When I walked in I was greeted by something that I never at all expected. The girl who was usually full of life, full of light, full of joy, was not the girl I found. I ran to Dani's side, but she took little notice at me as I wrapped my arms around her now even tinier waist. She was sad. Depressed. Lost. Alone. She was sitting huddled in the corner, wearing a old pair of sweats, a t-shirt that used to belong to Harry. She was clutching a small necklace in her small fragile hands. It was music note necklace that Harry had given to her after their three month anniversary. I remember having to walk around to about ten different jewelry stores around the mall out in London just to find that one simple necklace. "Daniella?" I ask wearily as her once bright hazel eyes, now dull slightly red eyes stare straight ahead. It was as though she wasn't here, it was almost like talking to the wall. You could talk all you want, but you were never going to get a response. "Dani." I said slightly shaking her shoulders which seemed to grab her attention from whatever she had been staring at. I take in her every detail, the way her pupils are rimmed with redness from the tears she had shed, the way her breathing was heavy, and the way her smooth hair was knotted and disheveled. 

"I was so stupid." Dani response with as her slightly long nails dig into the skin of her arm. I quickly pull it away before she is able to make to much damage, but from the looks of her arms. She had been doing the same thing for a while now. 

"You're not stupid Dani." I said brushing some hair away from her pale, think face. It hurt me to see that my best friend could have such a large effect of her and knowing Harry. He was probably in the same state as Dani, they were both blocking out the world as they try to see what they did wrong. I shake Dani's shoulder again, since she had faded off into her thoughts again. 

"Yes, I am Lou. I am stupid because I let myself fall for Harry I knew he was going to break my heart, but I still allowed him in. I should have just gone with my instincts and pushed him away." She said as the tears she had been holding back suddenly surface and start to fall down her flushed hollow cheeks. I wipe the tear off and pulled her into my chest and let her let it all out. 

"Maybe Dani, but don't deny the fact that it was completely worth it." I said while running her back trying to get her to calm down; which had worked a bit, as she calmed down. 

"But were those couple months really worth all this pain?" I heard a rough voice ask from the door. I quickly dismissed it as Nate, since his voice was different. 

"Josh?" Dani whispered as she lifts her head and toward the voice. I turn my head too and come face to face with a tall, strongly built guy who was staring down at us. His eyes held the same shade as Dani's did, a soft brown color with small flecks of, at the moment dull, gold specks. 

"Hey little sis, I heard about what happened so I rushed to come and see you." He said as Dani gets up but suddenly comes crashing back down, but I catch her by grabbing her waist. 

"Careful." I whisper to her, while her I am guessing brother shoots glare in my direction. 

"And who might you be?" He said glaring at me while Dani grabs into the edge of the bed to support herself. 

"I am Louis, one of Dani's friends." I said sticking my hand out for him to take and shake. He only stares at it before turning his attention away from my hand toward Dani. I awkwardly let my hand fall back onto my side before, deciding that I wasn't wanted here. I get the hint and decide to walk out of the room as Dani and Josh talk. I close the door behind me, and decide to go sit with Nate in the living room. 

"Hey Louis." He greeted me, while not even turning to look at me. I mumble a hello back and let myself fall onto the couch next him.

"You okay?" Nate asks while turning off the TV. 

"Who is that?" I ask motioning towards Dani's room. 

"Ah! I see you met Josh, well he is Dani's brother a bit older only by a year though." He said getting up and walking to the kitchen. 

"Her brother? Why is he here and hate me?" I ask remembering the glares that he had sent me while I had been confronting his sister. 

"I called him a few day ago and told him about what happened with Dani, and trust me Louis he doesn't hate you. He just really dislikes any guys who are close to Dani." He shrugging before grabbing a soda out of the fridge and tossing me one in the process. 

"Yet, he let her live here with you?" I ask before taking a sip of the cold drink in my hand. 

"Trust me, it wasn't easy to get his permission, you see Dani's parents they were never home. They worked long hours and sometimes completely forgot that they had children. Josh was all that Dani had and he in a sense became her guardian. When we first met he hated me with a burning passion, it was actually quite terrifying." He said as he leaned on the counter while talking. 

"What changed his mind?" I ask. 

"It was back we were 13, there was these girls who hated Dani for the amount of money her parents had. They bullied her, I never found out until that day. I don't know what pushed me to do this', I went and stood up to them. I guess Dani told told him about it cause the next day during school he told that he wanted to talk to me. I was absolutely terrified, but then he pulled me into a hug and told me he approved of me being around Dani." He said smiling slightly before downing the rest of his soda and throwing away the can. 

"Does he know about Harry and Daniella... erm dating?" I ask suddenly worried about what Dani's brother would do if he found out what happened with Harry. 

"Not that I kno of, Dani refused to tell him hen they were together because she thought that Josh would scare him away. But now I don't know maybe she won't say anything and just move on." He said as pushes himself off the counter and heading back towards the frog door.

"I am heading out to go grab lunch, if you need anything just give am call." He hollered behind him before walking out leaving me alone in the living room. Of Josh was really your typical overprotective brother, than Harry was in for a hell of a ride. He hurt Dani not just emotionally but technically physically too. He was the reason that Dani had ran out of the house and had droves off, but even after that Daniella still loved him. I had to admit Harold was a pretty lucky guy to have some who would love him even after all his mistakes. There was no doubt in my mind that Dani was the one for Harry. Now it was just getting Harry to forgive himself, because I was pretty sure Dani already forgave him. 

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