Ferris Tinkie Takes a Bath

Story of the ten year old Ferris Tinkie. A boy living on a town dump. New chapters every week.


1. The Wash Tub



Don’t know how I got my fame, wherever I go, they know my name

They say “You’re Ferris Tinkie, you’re Ferris Tinkie!”

Then they tell me to take a bath


“You’re Ferris Tinkie, you’re Ferris Tinkie!”

I hear them call along the path

“You’re Ferris Tinkie, you’re Ferris Tinkie!”

“It’s about time you took a bath!”


The nursery rhyme chants of the town kids were ingrained into his mind. Every day they would holler them. The kids never did him any harm. It was just name calling. They knew he was different. They all had homes, sisters, brothers and parents. They all went to school.

 Ferris Tinkie woke with a start. He was shaken awake by a loud clang that reverberated through his orange crate apartment. He yawned and parted the sacking curtain and looked out to see just what had made the clang. He saw it immediately. It was an old tin wash tub. A bath! A real bath! Ferris Tinkie was very excited. After all this time, it must be years. He thought; “I’ll finally be able to take a bath!”

Ferris Tinkie lived at the town dump. He was a boy about ten years old, people said. He didn’t have any family. He lived alone, in his little old orange crate that the town kids called his apartment. He wasn’t sure if Ferris Tinkie was his real name although everywhere he went, folks would holler at him; “You’re Ferris Tinkie. You’re Ferris Tinkie!” Then they would tell him to take a bath.

Everywhere he went, he was told to take a bath and now, after all this time, he could! Ferris Tinkie suddenly looked worried. “Oh no!” He thought, “Where am I supposed to take it?” He thought back to all the times he’d been told to take a bath but could never recall anyone offering advice on acquiring a bath or where would be a good place to take it.  “One step at a time,” he sensibly thought; “Now I have a bath, so I’ll figure it out for sure.” He smiled again. The heat was stifling on the town dump even at this early hour and the amount of stench seemed to rise with it. “When the kids come outta school, I’ll tell them about my bath. I’m pretty sure some of them’ll know where it needs to go.” He thought.

He spent the morning practising with the bath tub. He could carry it on his back; he could turn it upside down and carry it like a turtle shell. The couple of small holes in the rusty vessel could be fixed, he felt sure, and he might be able to row it on the lake. “Mmm! This is turning out to be a really interesting day,” thought Ferris Tinkie.

While he waited for the kids to finish school, he rummaged around the dump and found some old pram wheels. Using pieces of wood and plenty of string, he was able to make a trolley with the wash tub as the central feature. “Oh! Boy. It looks like a sports car!” He whispered.







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