Teenage Dream

This is story about two humans falling in love. A story about being different. A story about love and how to have enough courage to sing your love to another person.

Kurt is not the least insecure about his sexuality, but one things he's insecure about - how do you find the one? It is not easy being the only open-gay-kid at his school, especially when you dress like a fashion show and have a high-pitched voice. Luckily, Kurt has the glee-club at his school, New Directions - which he love, but is that enough? Glee-club is his second family and they love him, no matter what. All of Kurt's friends seems to be so happily in love with each other so Kurt are feeling more lonely than ever. Will he ever find someone who except for who he is or someone that love him back?

(This is not a fanfic I have made up myself, it's from the TV show Glee, from Kurt's point of view. Maybe I'm changing a little bit or just writing it differently, but I don't know yet. Enjoy!)


1. Take me back to the start


After a little researching on the all-boy school Dalton and an outfit that matched their school uniforms Kurt was ready to go. He could feel that little wierd thing in his stomach, that one little butterfly flying in circles. He didn't thought he would have been nervous, actually he hadn't even thought about getting nervous. He was just going to spy a little - maybe chitchat a it if he could. But now he was all insecure if he should go. But he had to. If he didn't go he would definitely miss something - important, Kurt knew. Also, he had promised the guys from Glee-club that he would do it while they thought about a song for their glee-assignment. 

After finding another pair of shoes that fitted better his outfit he rushed down the stairs into the kitchen. He took a glass of orange juice and then got to his car ...

It wasn't hard to fit in with all those Kurt-looking guys at Dalton. They where all wearing their uniforms and most of them had that styled and gelled hair like Kurt. He hurried down some round stairs with a lot of the students at Dalton who was propably hurriyng to lunch before next class. It was pretty different than Mckinley. The building was older and it was filled with old chairs, couches and shelfs and even long red curtains at every single window. But Kurt couldn't just run down the hallways all day. He finally decided that he had to talk to someone so he took of his sunglasses and asked the first person to cross his way. "Excuse me? Uhm, hi. Can I ask you a question, I-I'm new here" Kurt asked with a big smile paisted on his face. It was a pretty boy with dark brown and perfectly gelled hair that answered Kurt's question. "My name is Blaine." "Kurt." The boy took his hand and friendly shaked it. Kurt encouraged himself to ask another question. "So ... what is going on here?" The boy, Blaine, smiled, "The Warblers!" he told that they sometimes and then did unscheduled performances. Kurt didn't really understand it. He'd read the The Warblers was the schools choir but why where everyone in such a hurry? "Wait, so glee club here is cool?" Kurt asked a bit confused and scared of that the boy in front of him would find out that he was just spying. "The Warblers are like rockstars! Come on, I'll show you a shortcut!" The boy answered and smiled at Kurt before he grabbed Kurt's tiny hand with one of his war and safe hands. Insecure on if it was a good idea to follow Kurt ran with the boy down hallways while he wasn't able to take of the exciting smile he was wearing. It felt mysterious but safe to run away with a strange boy he had just met. But still, it felt so natural. The way that boy looked at Kurt with his hazel eyes and long lashes right under his triangle-formed eyebrows. It was almost like an adventure! Kurt felt like a little child at christmas time. But even though it felt like an eternity they reached the room they where searching way too quickly. 

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