Head Over Heels

When Ashley joins best friend Sarah for a party, she least expects to meet someone as amazing as Will.
But is love and alcohol a good combination for the pair, or will the party end in tatters?

The story carrys on from the Movellas 'Girl Heart Boy' extract, and is an entry for the competition. It is written in the first person from Ashley's perspective, providing a colourful new insight into the world of 'Girl Heart Boy'.


1. Chapter One

"You look amazing, by the way." Will breathed coolly. He gestured towards the seat next to him on the sofa, I thanked him and lowered myself with a slight wobble.
The vodka had gone straight to my head.
I stared at him for a short moment. He was gorgeous, even in such a dim light. I couldn't wait to see what the night had in store for us.
I took a sip of my drink, and he took a swig of his.
"Do you want to have a dance?" He nodded towards where a group had begun gathering near the stereo and speakers.
"Sure." I smiled, with a flutter of my eyelashes. He took my hand and helped me up like a gentleman. I wobbled again, and blamed it on my skyscraper heels.  
Dressing to impress came at a price!
He stopped suddenly and - taking me by the waist- began dancing. Drink in hand and a beaming grin on my face, I danced too.

Five drinks, two cigarettes and a slice of pizza later we were dancing like loonies out on the green. Will's house was massive. The dew on the grass twinkled in the moonlight, and my bare feet were freezing on the wet ground. I was mostly oblivious to this, though, overwhelmed with happiness in being in Will's charming company. "God, you're beautiful." I slurred, giggling and hiccupping in the process.
"Oh dear! Sounds like someone's had too much vodka!" He laughed along, taking my hand. We sat down on the wet grass, and I stared at him some more.
My vision was blurred and my bum was soaking wet, but I didn't care. I couldn't get over how amazed I was by this human being before me. His hair flopped lazily over his forehead and his eyes were a dazzling blue.
He leaned in.
I leaned further.
Our lips met gently and I closed my eyes. His eyelashes brushed against mine, and his hand caressed my face.

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