Belle is a fairy who has love problems. Will she ever find love?


1. Before Lovai

Belle sighed. Sometimes it wasn't easy being the most beautiful fairy in the clan. Wherever she went outside everyone stared at her, and so she now scarcely left her high walled home, preferring to sit in the garden in her tulip chair. She had also made a secret garden for whenever suitors came to ask for her hand in marriage.

Today was the day before Lovai, the day of romance when most young fairies found their true love. It was said that some fairies found love on Lovai, and then waited another full year so as to get married on Lovai. Bell had been gazing down onto the busy streets, hoping to possibly catch a glimpse of a male fairy for Lovai. Just when she was about to fall asleep, she remembered that she was supposed to be going for a dress fitting. She quickly hurried of to the dressmaker. On the way she received bouquets, necklaces and jewellery, and she had to glide off before any one of them decided to propose to her. She had been searching all her life for someone, and yet no one was right. Everyone in her family had found their true love on their 17th Lovai, and she strongly felt that she was about to break that tradition. The new dress was to be a Lovai gown, and she was to go and buy a promise locket, in which she was to put a picture of her . She was to give it to her true love and he was to give her his. Every Lovai for 2 years she had brought a locket, and she still had both. This year her mother had given her extra money to buy a locket, as she wanted her true love to get a beautiful locket. She had already found the picture, which was one she had had done of her the day before. It was one of her wearing her most beautiful flowered gown with a garland of red roses upon her head. She looked happy and perfect, but if you looked closely you could see a single tear rolling down her cheek and a look of sadness in her eyes. She felt as if she shouldn't be there, and that all this preparation for Lovai was in vain. When she arrived home, she fell onto her pillow and fell asleep instantly.

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