15 minutes of fame

Scarlett dreams of being a film star. She joins her local drama group and go's for auditions, but never gets through. When her local drama group puts on a play, a talent scout turns up, much to everyones' suprise. Scarlett and her friends are really hopefull that the scout might spot them. Will Scarlett become a star, or will she just have 15 minutes of fame?


1. Scarlett

"I'm sorry Becks." "But you have to come!" "You know I want to go! But I can't."  "Oh come on, Scarlett! I really, really want you to!" "Look Becks, Dad's away on buisness that week. And Mum doesn't have anyone to look after Tyler, Jane, Dustin and Noah." "Can't they just come too?" She looked hopefully at Scarlett. "Seriously Becks? You want us to bring baby Noah?" "Anything's better than you not being there!" Nine year-old Scarlett May and her best friend, Rebecca Jones-(or 'Becks' as most people called her,) were walking home from school together. Becks was awfully disappointed, as Scarlett wouldn't be able to make it to her big showcase of, 'The Nutcracker,' at their local drama theatre, next Friday night. "But..." "Look Becks, there's nothing I can do, so please drop the subject-you're making me feel ever so guilty!" "Fine." Becks sighed. "Well, do you want to come down to my house and play?" "Sorry! I have too much homework to do and..." "That's OK. See you tomorrow then." "OK, bye!" Scarlett waved at her friend as she ran off. She sighed. She felt awful for not being able to go to the showcase, Becks was her best friend, and she knew how much she loved acting. But in a way, Scarlett was secretly quite glad. Scarlett had always had a great passion for drama. She'd longed to be in an advert, a T.V show-or even a movie, for as long as she could remember! But she'd have to start off somewhere first, and that's why she really wanted to go to the local drama theatre. Unfortunately, her parents simply didn't have the money, and she thought that watching all the other children, enjoying themselves on the huge, black stage, would only make her want to burst out crying. She walked up the pathway to her house and opened the door. Immediantly she heard the screams of her little brothers and sister, chasing and playing with each other. Scarlett was the oldest, after her came Tyler, who was six. Next was Jane, Scarlett's only sister, who was five. After Jane came Dustin, who was four and lastly there was baby Noah, who was one. Her Mum was in the kitchen, preparing dinner and constantly telling the children to settle down. Scarlett set down her things and immediantly went to help her Mum. "Oh hi sweetie! I didn't see you come in there. How was school?" "It could have been better." Her Mum looked up sharply. "Why? Did something happen?" Scarlett sighed. "No. It's just, Becks was torturing me the whole day about her showcase." Her Mum stopped what she was doing. "Scarlett, I'm sorry but your Father and I explained this, we're too busy that week!" "But Mum, please..." "No Scarlett! No, 'buts!'" There was a long silence after that. Her Mum sighed. "I'm sorry for snapping honey it's just, we can't go, we're too busy." Scarlett still didn't look up. "Come on sweetie, let's talk about your birthday party!"        

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