The midnight killer

"i peered around in the dark. suddenly something moved.... it was to fast for my young eyes. just as quick as lightning, somebody lunged at me,pushing me by the neck to a nearby wall. the person wrapped their scally fingers around my neck as i gasped desperately for air. the character gripped tightly until i felt a pair of sharp teeth sink into my neck. after that it was total black out.

all jenny wanted was a nice winter break with the 6 membered gang , isi,maryanne,jack,zack,joel and then there was her. jenny definately got what she and the gang wanted untill the mystery of the midnight killer spread around the gang. first everyone thought it was just made-up until mysterious things started happening. why is the midnight killer killing people? jenny didnt know the answer until she experienced it......


1. Moving in

i just couldn't wait. today me and the gang were moving into The Midnight village in a double story house on the end of MoonLight lane. The exciting part was that finally they were old enough to stay on MoonLight lane by their selves.......NO PARENTS FOR A WHOLE MONTH!!!

"Hurry up Jenny!We're all here except you!" shouted Isi from the window on the bus.

i zipped my suitcase and ran outside. i stepped onto the bus. Maryanne patted the seat next to her impatiently. poor seat.The rest of the gang waved to me.Our gang included Jack,Zack,Joel,Maryanne and Isi. During the bus ride the boys entertained us with jokes for their next term's assignment.Finally the bus drew to a halt.We clambered out of the bus and turned to thank the bus driver.We all stared at the double-story house in amazement.The whole of the gang pushed each other to get inside.We all had seperate rooms.Starting to unpack, I looked through the window to see a young boy and girl walking to our house with a basket of flowers and fruits.

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