hate that i love you

Amanda loves her older brother to death so when she finds out that he's being bullied at school she feels the need to take matters into her own hands but when one direction turn out to be the jerks who hate her brother she just tells them to step off instead of beating them with a rock like she'd planned on doing and one direction thinks that when she says step off means that they can hurt her but not her brother then Liam falls for her but doesnt stop hurting her.Will Amanda stand up for herself or not?


2. Leave my brother alone

Amandas POV:

I woke up and saw josh eating breakfast at the table so i grbbed his backpack,a stick of butter from the fridge,an icepack,and a sock.I put them in a ziplock bag and put a postit on it that said,"I thought you might need a weapon" and i closed up his backpack handed it to him and told him i left him a suprise.He ran out the door and hopped in his car and drove off.I felt my phone buzz in my pocket so i pulled it out and saw it was a text from my best friend Bry that said that school starteed in a week.I put my phone on the charger then started watching Adventure Time.I watched it for about an hour then i grabbed a rock from the backyard hopped in my car and drove to josh's school.When i got there i saw 5 guys picking on a kid and decided that they were the bullies I was looking for so i walked over cluching the rock from the backyard behind my back then i tap the blonde one's shoulder.He turned around and i saw that it was Niall of one direction who i had just gotten the attention of the other guy's turned around and Zayn said"Boys doesn't she kinda look like that one dweeb Josh"."Um yeah he's my older brother thats kinda why im here he told me you guys were picking on him" I shyly said."Yeah that dweeb Zayn gave him a black eye yesterday" Louis said while highfiving Zayn."Yeah while I happen to care about that dweeb alot and I don't like seeing him get hurt so could you guys just lay off" I asked."Sure babe we'll leave your brother alone" Harry said evily while stroking my hair.I flicked his hand away and walked back to my car.I felt my phone buzz and saw that i got a text from Bry saying that the school decided that ski week would be cut short so we would have to go back to school tomorrow.

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