hate that i love you

Amanda loves her older brother to death so when she finds out that he's being bullied at school she feels the need to take matters into her own hands but when one direction turn out to be the jerks who hate her brother she just tells them to step off instead of beating them with a rock like she'd planned on doing and one direction thinks that when she says step off means that they can hurt her but not her brother then Liam falls for her but doesnt stop hurting her.Will Amanda stand up for herself or not?


1. Josh what happened?!!

Amandas POV:

I was sitting in my room listening to one direction when i heard a knock at the door so i turned off my music and walked over to the door."Amanda it's me Josh i forgot my key could you let me in?" I heard my older brother yell.I was 18 and josh was 20 and we had a realy close brother sister bond."Again" I complain as i open the door to see Josh with huge sunglasses on."Josh take off the sunglasses" I comanded."What sunglasses" Jush asked."Josh" I complained as i reached to take them off his face.He flicked my hand away and started running to his room but I caught him and removed the sunglasses to reveal a black eye."Josh what happened" I asked rather worried."nothing" Josh said."If nothing happened then you wouldnt have a swollen left eye now tell me what happened" I said sternly."Fine"Josh said giving in"some of the guys at school have been picking on me and we got in a fight today and one of them punched me in the eye"."How many guys" I asked josh while handing him an ice pack."five" he said."Josh why would you try to fight them" I asked."Cause i thought i could win" Josh explained."well you clearly didn't" i said."Josh go lie down i'll make dinner tonight" I comanded pointing to his room.Josh and i moved out of our ld house after my parrents got divorced and my mom married a guy we didn't like.Josh got up and slumped to his room while I searched the freezer for some frozen potstickers.I found the potstickers and started cooking and thinking about what i was gonna do to help Josh."Josh dinners ready" i yelled.Josh sat down and ate his food without saying a word and then went to bed as did I.Tomorrow i would talk to the guys who were picking on josh and tell them to stop.

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