Maybe you're the one

Your typical teenage girl named Kris moves to a new house and starts to develop feelings with the boy who lives across the street from her, Harry. She later on finds out Harry is auditioning for the x factor and there his career began as he was put in a group called one direction. Can they maintain their relationship while Harry begins his journey with fame?


1. Moving

Im just your typical teenage girl who lives with her parents. My name is kristiana by the way, but call me kris for short. My life here in cali is amazing but my mom got a job as a nurse in the UK and i had to move. I was so sad and i actually cried for 3 days because i was leaving all my friends. On the day of our flight all my friends were at the airport as i hugged them goodbye. "KRISTIANA! WE HAVE TO GO!" my mom yelled as tears were falling down my cheeks. "I know you're gonna miss them but i just want a better life for us dear" my mom said. I nodded my head as we headed to our plane. hours passed and we finally got to the house the nursing company offered us. As my family was unpacking some boxes from the truck i noticed as a boy who lives across the street about my age picked up their mail from the mailbox. He had brown curly hair and he was the cutest guy ive seen. 

Harry's POV: 
"HARRY! Will you please go look if we have some mail?" mom said as i was going down the stairs. As i was about to go outside i noticed that there was a huge truck at the house across the street. I guess there's a new family moving to that house. Suddenly i saw her. She had long dark hair and she was wearing a pink tank top,ripped up jeans and her black converse. She's the most beautiful girl i have ever seen so i couldnt help but go over there and introduce myself.

Kris' POV:
I saw him as he made his way to my house. "Hello my name is harry" he said. He had the most beautiful accent and his lips and complexion were so perfect 

Harry's POV:
"hi my name's kristiana well..kris for short" she said. She had the most beautiful eyes ever and she was really short and cute. I shook her hand and her hands felt so soft. "KRIS! We need to unpack some more stuff!" a guy in the background said. "sorry that was my dad" kris replied. Oh its okay do you need any help? "sure!" she said exitingly. 

Kris' POV: 
Im so happy that he gets to help me to be honest he's really cute. "oh hi there" my mom said as she saw me and harry lifting up a box to go to the kitchen. "hello ma'am im harry i love across the street" harry said as she shook my mom's hand. My mom smiled as she let go of harry's hand. "oh by the way kris me and your dad are going downtown to  buy some supplies and all the boxes are inside is it okay if we leave you guys here?" i shook my head and my parents headed off. 

Harry's POV 
She was stacking the plates in the cabinets and her tanktop was kind of short so i saw a bit of her waist. They were the kind of waist i would wanna hold tight while hugging her. She turned to me and said "harry thank you for helping me with this i really appreciate it especially that im new here" her voice was so cute and small i dont know why i feel like this but i feel like she's the one.

Kris' POV
His eyes were so magical and theyre the kinds of eyes that i would wanna stare at all day and i could just basically get lost in them. We talked while we were unpacking the boxes in the kitchen. " oh by the way im going to the school down the road" i said while looking at his cheeky smile. "really!? I go to that school! I can give you a tour if you want!" he replied.  It was settled harry was going to be my tourguide. As we talked i couldnt help but think, i feel like im starting to have a crush on harry and hes really nice. Idk but hes the kind of guy that would risk anything for a girl, i just like him.
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