The Only Exception♥-On Hold-

What happens when the best life Linsey could be living is changed because some one decided to knock on her door at 4 A.M. :


2. But...No Buts...

Have you seen Lins ? Have you seen Lins ? I had just walked into the front door of Cedar Hill Highschool, and could already hear my best friend starting off our usual escapade for the morning.I mean come on now we had to entertain the students didn't we ? So i walked throught the halls smiling like an idiot, as soon as i found my locker everbody wish i hadn't. You see this meant it was time for my part of  our little adventure. A friend of mine's , Nay saw me and laughed she loved what we did every morning she even wished she could be apart of it, but then again even though they sighed when we did it everybody secretly wished to be apart of it some people even told me they wanted to and I told them "I'll think about it". I grabbed my binder and screamed so loud everybody looked at me EXCEPT Lex she knew what we did next. I stood there as if i was confused as to what was going on and everybody went to class as if on cue. Me and Lex looked at eachother smiled and ran towards eachother the hallways were empty so who cares. I ran pass her and said "You get those classes today I get these". She grunted but did as was told she hated those classes her ex was in em while my crush was in my classes. I laughed and said "Get over it boo !".

I opened the Calculus door more like burst threw it no one was suprised. I screamed "Have you seen lex or maybe you call her Lexie or maybe you call her Alex ?" I did this till i got to my crushes class, Wood Shop I took a deep breath and opened the door gracefully everyone was suprised i always bomb rush the door but not today because Cole was here. I then walked slowly to the front of the class and giggled lightly as the boys were starting to drool. I had on my favorite neon yellow high-waisted shorts with a neon orange shirt, my neon purple suspenders, a pair of glow in the dark flats (we were watching a movie in my history class what if someone was scared of the dark you never know) and some high neon splashed socks. If i say so myself i looked pretty hot ! They stared but Cole punched the boy next to him and said "Dude STOP !" I screamed my usaual saying then was walking out when Cole stopped me and said "How bout we catch a movie tonight ?" I chuckled he looked slightly dissappointed when i chucled. I shrugged "Sure why not, bye um call when you're on the way i guess ?"

I didn't let him answer i just walked out and Lex was running towards me i hugged her and said "Boo i missed ya and he asked me i knew you were right about just stopping to act like a lady oh gurl you are such a gre-" She cut me off "I know I know now lets head towards Ms.Gambridge's office before she goes all brodcasting to the whole school that she wants us in her office NOW !" I giggled , Ms.Gambridge is our principal since we cause this commotion every day she calls us in every day. I slung my arm around Lex and begin talking "You know Lex maybe we should stop with our morning adventures becaus-" She cut me off AGAIN. "Nope i don't care what she says the students love the teachers deal with it so just what ever I love doing it not going to stop !" She screamed she knew we were approaching Ms.Gambridges office. I laughed loudly and clutched my stomach she could be a hand full some times but I loved her.

As we entered we said "Lex and Lins in the JAIL !" We put enfasis on jail Ms.Gambridge hated it but the office people loved it. She called us in and we sat and she began. "LinsEY and AlexA" She hated the nicknames we gave eachother so she always made sure to call us by our full names emphasising the parts we left out of our little nick names. She continued "You do this everyday i let you slide because it doesn't bother the teachers or the students. To them it is quite amusing to see you two look like IDIOTS. You're suspended for two days. This school WILL see two days of no LEX and LINS" I cringed at her use of my nickname it souned horrible coming out of her mouth. I stood Lex stayed seated and stuterred "B-b-b-ut y-o-o-o-u-u can't do that you don't understand Ms-" She cut her off and said Ms.Jaminson you should of thought of that earlier I'll see you two first thing in the morning on Friday.




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