Scarlett Robertson has moved from Australia to New York. She misses her friends, and when she lands in New York, it isn't what se expects. Until her birthday. She is given One Direction Backstage passes. That's when her life begins to change..


1. Moving

Scarlett's POV:

I'm in bed. I cant sleep. I want to, but I can't. Not when I know what's happening. I'm so scared! Tomorrow, is the day we move. Not just city, but country. We have to leave nice, sunny Australia to cold, dreary America, New York. I made my last day worth it. I spent it with my friends. We did everything we wanted to do. Then all of a sudden I was in bed. I rolled over and checked the time. 2:30am. My parents knocked on the door. I pretended to be asleep. There would be plenty of time to sleep on the plane. "Scarlett, love? Time to get up." my mother shook me. I pretended to wake up. "Uuuggh. Ok, be out soon." I got up and put on my going-away outfit. Purple skinny jeans, pink tank top with a purple cardigan. My carry on things sat by my bed. My room looked so.... Sad and bare. Shelves and tables all taken out. Curtains gone. The warm summer night breeze drifted through the room as I sat on my chair. Photos of my friends, diary, phone, iPod, earphones, a book, all in my bag. I slung my bag on my shoulder, checked under my bed and in my closet just in case. I shut the door of my room for the last time. Why did dad have to get transferred to America for his job? I thought. I thought about my friends. I'll miss them so much! "Scarlett?" my mum called from downstairs. "Come and eat breakfast." I ran downstairs. I didn't feel like breakfast. My parents packed boxes for the movers later, while I ate. The movers were coming later to grab the last boxes and drop the keys off at the Housing Association. Before I knew it, we were sitting in the dark car, getting everything we needed in. "Ready Scar?" my dad said. "No." I mumbled. "Yes." I said louder. We drove out the driveway. I waved at my house. Last time I'd ever see it. We past my best friends house. I waved. I was so depressed. I stared out the window, and suddenly we were at the airport.

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