The great unknown.

well this is based on my pure imagination but wont get interesting until the third chapter. sorry for any explicate language. oh and if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all.


1. Its a date.

What if there was more to this life that we believe we live. More then money, more then work better yet something more exciting. Well here’s a story you’re going to want to hear.


It was a typical beautiful Sunday afternoon, the sun was burning, the birds were chirping and kids were playing. Me I was sleeping. Well key word ‘was’. My mother gradually walked into my room and ripped my blankets off me.

“Mum piss off!” I hate it when she wakes me up and she knows it. My mum’s name is faith and well how do I put it nicely? She’s a bitch.

I fought my way out of bed and put my covers back into place. I could smell pasta cooking and walked down stairs to find mum preparing for the family dinner that’s on tonight. Oh no the families coming. Someone kill me now. I text my best friend Lachlan and asked him if he wanted to meet up.


15 minutes later and I’m sitting under the tree talking to Lachlan, he’s tall and handsome. Lachlan has the most beautiful blue eyes and a wicked tan, light brown hair and a real buff structure.

“So what’s your plan for tonight? Wanna come to this party?” he is always inviting me to parties, parties that are normally his.

“I can’t, family dinner, I know boring right.” And then I receive the eye roll.

“Sneak out after wards!”

“Only if you meet me at my window and, and shout me drinks?!”

“Agreed ill pick you up at eight.” He then winks and walks away. So I call it a date.

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