I Should Hate You but I Love You

Emma Marie Potter is a Potter. Draco Malfoy is a Malfoy. She hates him but loves him. He hates her but loves her. How will this turn out in the end? Read more to find out :D


1. The Burrow

Hey everyone this is my first movella!!!! Hope you like it!!! :D Her name is Emma Marie Potter. She is Harry's twin. She has brown hair and green eyes. She doesn't have glasses. And she has a scar on her left shoulder blade. It is a triangle. It burns just like Harry's does.

"Emma, come on get up. I'm leaving." I woke up suddenly and saw Harry was standing above me. His green eyes were staring down at me. 

"Where are you going?" 

"The train station." 

"Again?" He looked at me and nodded.

"Can I come this time?" 

"No, you could get hurt." 

"Look I'll be fine. Plus I need to get out of this stupid house." He sighed. "Please Harry. I need to try and get my mind off of things." Only a few months ago we lost our God Father, Sirus Black. 

"Ok fine, but you stay with me, no matter what. Ok?" I smiled and nodded. I jumped out of bed and pushed Harry out the door so I could get changed. I changed into this....http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=63382861

I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and saw Harry was standing there. 

"Ready?" I nodded. I grabbed his hand and we walked over to my window. We opened the window and Harry jumped down. I hesitated for a second. I hate heights. 

"Come on Emma, I'll catch you." 

"I can't." 

"Come on, you can." I jumped and Harry caught me like he said. 

"Good job, ok let's go." I grabbed his hand and we ran off down the street. It was only 5 am so it was still dark. I couldn't see anything in front of me. 

"Harry? Where are we?" 

"Almost there." I sighed and we stopped running. I looked around and saw there was a staircase leading down into the subway. 

"Do we go down there?" Harry looked at me and nodded. He started walking down the stairs. I followed, once we were down there there was already heaps of people down there. 

"Harry?" I lost sight of Harry. I walked around the underground train station trying to find him. Next thing I know I'm on the floor. 

"Oww, watch it!" I looked up and saw Draco Malfoy was standing next to me. 



"What you doing here?" 

"Looking for my brother. What you doing here?" 

"You don't need know." 

"Fine!" I tried to get up but failed. Draco looked at me and sighed. He stuck his hand out. I just looked at it. 

"Grab it Potter." I sighed and grabbed his hand. He helped me up. When I was on my feet I caught myself staring into Draco's eyes. He was staring back into mine. It felt like hours before Draco broke away from me. 

"Um, better go. Potter." 

"Malfoy." He walked away but I couldn't help but look back at him. I saw he looked back at me as well. Once I couldn't see him anymore I walked off to find Harry. I felt something different about Draco, I don't know what it was but something changed. 

I was walking for hours looking for Harry and I still couldn't find him. Then out of now where I saw Dumbledore standing just ahead of me. 

"Professor?" He looked at me and smiled. 

"Good, let's go." 

"Go where?" 

"The Burrow." I smiled.

"What about Harry?" 

"He is already there." I smiled and grabbed Dumbledore's arm. Next thing I know I am standing in front of The Burrow. I turned around and Dumbledore was gone. 

"Emma?" I heard a familiar voice say. I looked up and saw Fred and George were standing at the door. I ran up to them and gave them each the biggest hug ever. 

"Finally we got our pranking buddy back!" I giggled and hugged George again. He was always so good to me. 

"I thought you guys were making a shop." 

"We did, we are just visiting." 

"I can't wait to see it." They smiled and lead me into The Burrow. I saw Ginny was sitting on the couch. I ran up and hugged her. Fred showed me to my room. I was sharing with Ginny and Hermione. I thanked Fred and kissed him on the cheek. He blushed and I giggled. I always knew Fred had a crush on me but I had a little crush on George so I told myself to never date any of them. I walked up to Ron's room and saw Hermione, Ron and Harry were sitting on the floor talking. 

"Hello!!!!" They all looked at me and they all ran up to me and tackled me. I started laughing. Harry looked at me. 

"Emma, I thought I lost you." 

"You did." We all laughed. I walked back down stairs. See Ron and Hermione and Harry were one golden trio. Fred, George and me were the other golden trio. I saw Fred and George were sitting on the couch. I ran up to them and jumped on George's lap. 

"Hello Emma." I giggled. 

"Hiii!!!" We just sat there talking for hours. I would go from George's lap to Fred's about every hour. Finally I was so tired I just fell asleep on Fred's lap. 

Dream: I was walking in the Forbidden Forest. I started running, I don't know why but I did. Then in a clearing there was my true love. I couldn't see his face but I knew I truly loved him. I ran up to him and hugged him. I tried to look at his face but as soon as I looked up he turned into a death eater. 

I woke up screaming and sweating. Ginny and Hermione ran to my side.

"Emma?!?"  I kept screaming and started crying I was so scared. Then the door opened and Fred, Ron, Harry, George, Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Weasley all burst through. Mrs. Weasley, Harry, Fred, George and Ginny were all by my bed. The others just stood near the door, everyone looked frightened. My left shoulder blade started burning. I realised it was my scar. I screamed even more. 

"Shh, Emma just breath ok? In and out, in and out." Mrs. Weasley said while patting my back. I looked at George he looked hurt? Then I blacked out. 

George's POV 

I just got to sleep when I heard screaming from Ginny's room. Then I heard Ginny yell out Emma's name. I woke up Fred and we ran to her room. We burst through the door with Harry, Ron, Mum and Dad. When I got in the room I saw Emma was screaming her head off and crying. I ran to her side. I care about her, a lot. I have the biggest crush on her, but so does Fred. We promised each other none of us would date her. I just care for her so much. All of a sudden she looked at me, as if she was trying to tell me something. Then she passed out. Harry went crazy trying to get her to wake up. Mum stood up and pushed everyone out of the room. We all went to sit in the lounge room. I was so scared, I'm just praying she is alright. Harry sat next to me but he wouldn't keep still. 

"Harry, mate, she is going to be ok." 

"You don't know that." He mumbled. I sighed, I don't know that. I have no idea if she is ok or what. Mum came down the stairs. 

"She is fine." 

"What was wrong?" Fred asked.

"She just had a nightmare. You may all go up there, one by one, and then go to sleep." We all nodded. I was the last one to see her. She was sitting by the window, looking sad. 

"Emma?" I said as I walked in. She looked at me and smiled, a fake smiled but still a smile.

"George." She knew it was me cos she can tell us apart. Nobody can but she can.

"How are you feeling?" She sighed and looked out the window again.

"I dunno, scared I guess."


"Just cos of my dream."

"You don't need to worry. It isn't going to happen." She nodded and then yawned. I walked over to her and picked her up. 

"Go to sleep, beautiful." She nodded and closed her eyes. She is so beautiful when she sleeps. I put her on her bed. Before I left I kissed her on her forehead. She smiled slightly and then she turned on her side. I left her room with a smile on my face. Fred was standing outside the door. 

"What you smiling about?" 

"I'm just glad she is ok." He smiled.

"Me too." We walked back to our room. I laid down on my bed and fell asleep. As I went to sleep Emma was on my mind, the whole time. 


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