Our own little fairytale

Harry was an obeyed boy from a rich family until he met the bar singer Louis. A person who would make harry cross all his lines.

AN - Im not English, so sorry for mistakes and if you wont be able to understand the way i wrote my stories in, im trying my best. Love you


1. Sneeks out.


You know about those stories about princes and princesses, and suddenly one day they meet this poor boy/girl from a little village not far from the castle. And fall in love, how beautiful. How the poor boy/girl from the village turns the prince or princess mind, they make them do stuff they would never think of ever doing. Those stories are beautiful, or well I think so. Well this is kind of one of those stories, someone fine who haves it all meets someone who doesn’t, but love life in the way they live it. This story is not the usual girl boy falling in love story, but two boys.

Harry Styles have always had it all. He had a great family he loved and a big house, with his own housemates and butlers. Even his own cook, amazing right? Harry basically live the life. He got anything he pointed at, clothes, jewellery, shoes or electronic, just anything. He had a sister, Gemma, she was a few years older than Harry, but they had a good relationship. Nothing was really wrong with Harrys life. He had friends. His lovely mum and step-dad. But there were one thing he missed. Love.  He was in one way already engaged to a girl, he barely knew. On his 19th birthday he was supposed to marry her. Which was In a few months. His mum and dad had told him if he found someone he really loved before and he could prove it with all his heart they would agree on cancel the wedding.

Louis Tomlinson was a kindergarten worker. He was happy about his life. He had three jobs, mainly the kindergarten job. He was a waiter as well and a singer at this bar, he was meant to sing when there wasn’t anyone else at the karaoke machine wanting to sing. He just barely got paid his flat, but he was happy. With his four younger sisters and a mum, his best friend Nick. Louis couldn’t be more than happy and grateful of what he had, though it wasn’t much. Louis were a rather positive person, but when it came to love, he found it difficult. He had in his mind that he needed to find the right one before he threw himself into something.

But let get started with the two boys fairy tale.

It was a typical raining day in London. Harry was sat in the huge window in his room, reading one of his sisters fashion magazines. Harry was a lot into fashion. His sister was the only one who knew and she gladly lent him the magazines. She was also the only person to know Harry was gay, and actually wasn’t really a boy who enjoyed being around girls for an amount of time, except for his sister. Harry was fascinated by the new street style which could be found anywhere. He knew he could never dress like that around people, but he did love to. A knock came on the door. “Come in” Harrys hoarse deep voice called.

His butler came in with a package for him. “This is for you Mr Styles” His butler bent for him and placed the package on his table. “Thank you” he smiled. He climbed down from the window rushing over to the package, dressed in only a pair of grey sweat pants and a beanie over his unruly curly hair. He ribbed the package open and pulled out his new clothing. A pair of black skinny jeans, ribbed here and there. A lose printed t-shirt and an oversized black jacket. His face lighted up.

At eight in the night, Harry had dressed up in his new clothing. He sneeked out of the door and ran to his car. He drove off to the lower part of the city. The lower part of the city was where all the lower and poorer people lived. But in that part of the city that was where things happened. Nothing happened in over town. Harry felt his tummy tickled of the nerves he got when he entered the other part of the town. He smiled and looked around, he never came here. His parents always talked bad about this part of the town and he started to feel bad for doing this, but he kept driving. He pulled over at a little bar.

Harry got out of the car slowly and looked around. He saw people fooling around, dressed in a style harry would die to wear. He smiled at passing people and pulled the handle down to the bar. He opened the door slowly. His ears got filled with the most soft and beautiful singing voice he had ever heard. He looked up at the little stage in the end of the room and met a pair of eyes, from where harry stood they looked greyish. He neared the stage, his eyes still on the boy. His had feather brown hair, styled into a half quiff, but not quite. His had thin lips turned upward in a pretty little smile. His eyes showed out to be a pair of big shining blue eyes. The boy was looking back directly into Harrys eyes while he sang the song.

“I think we have a volunteer” The boys soft voice rung through the speakers and his finger had landed on harry.


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