When Ruby meets One Direction will it be the perfect happy ending, or will she get stuck in a love triangle...


1. Prolouge

(Ruby's POV)I stepped into my blue Mini Cooper and headed off to Starbucks. I wiped the sweat off my forehead with a towel. I had just beean to the gym with my bestie Eleanor. She was the nicest girl you could ever meet but soo competitive. She had long brown hair with ice blue eyes and was fit. Speak of the devil she was ringing me now, I picked up the phone."Hey El" "You know how I was telling you about my boyfriend?" she said excitedly."Yeah" "Would you like to meet him? Like right now?" she squealed. "Not today El. Maybe tomorrow k?" "kk" and she hung up. As I pulled up outside Starbucks, I saw an expesive black car coming straight at me and tyres schreecing. I blacked out.

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