Me & Jai

This is a Janoskian fan ficton! just so you know..

Nialla moved to Melbourne a few months ago what happens when she gets on the train at the wrong time????



2. After All We've Been Threw?

(Nialla's POV)

I stared to walk away from them when one of them called after me
"After all we've been threw your just going to walk?" He yelled I turned
"You mean all you put me threw" I said as they ran over to me
"Hey you could have said um get the hell out of my seats"
"Ok anyways what are you names if were going to hang out" I said
"I'm Luke that's Beau and that there is my twin oh and his names Jai" he said I smiled
"So are you all twins?" I asked
"No their twins I'm a seperate and I'm older their 16 I'm 19" he said proudly
"Awesome I don't have any siblings" I said
"Oh that sucks I love my baby bros" Beau says putting his arms around Jai and Luke I smile
"So we don't know your name" Jai says
"It's Nialla" I said
"I like never hear that name" Luke says
"Neither do I so what do you guys wanna do?" I asked
I really should not have asked that question....
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