Me & Jai

This is a Janoskian fan ficton! just so you know..

Nialla moved to Melbourne a few months ago what happens when she gets on the train at the wrong time????



1. Meeting Them.

(Nialla's POV)

I boarded the train by myself I was going to my friends house I got a seat but made sure no one sat with me I didnt want to deal with anyone right now.

I put headphones in when I heard banging and then 3 boys came rushing in and quickly came and sat in the free places in my section I looked them all over

"Oh were just going to be here a second" one with green eyes well the one thats not a twin says

"No its fine" I said being polite

An angry looking security man walks in and points at us all of us

"You six get off of this train now!" He yelled I didnt wanna argue I got up and walked off the train during under my breath when the boys well they were yelling every swear word in the books...

'This train sucks!" the green eyed yells I coudlnedhelp but smile

there was one guy who was really cute we both smiled at each other I think letting them stay in those spots might be the best thing I ever did....

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