To Good To Be True

Kyli is just an average teenage girl on her way to visit her best friend in London. She bumps into someone really attractive with a British accent! Wha could it be?!? READ ON MY FELLOW READEERS!!


1. Chapter 1

Hello!! My names Kylie! Yeah that's about it!^.^ anyways this is like the story that changed my life! So keep reading!! KYLIES POINT OF VIEW "KYLIE GET YOUR ASS UP NOW!!" I heard my madre yell. Shit. As you can tell my parents don't really like me. They say I was a mistake and that I don't even deserve to be here. What kind of parents are they? Mine. "KYLIE I SAID NOW!!" "Ok ok ok up shesh!!" I yell back. I knew I was going to regret it. "was that attitude miss?! You know what?! I am sick and tired of your little attitude! I am your mother! But I had had enough with you! If you kept acting like this why don't you just pack your shit and MOVE OUT!!" she yelled coming into my room. "You know what?! I WILL!!" I say slamming the door in her face. I quickle packed ALL my things. I was dreaming of the day she would kick me out and it finally came true! Wait.. Where was I gonna stay?! I pyxes the thought to the back of my mind as I packed everything else. Soon my little sister came in. "Where are you going Kylie?" she said sleepily. She was only 6. "um Kylies going to be out for a while ok? But just remember that I will always love you. Never let mommy talk to you like she talks to me ok!? Don't miss me because I will always be inside here." I say poking her heart. I loved her mire than anything and now I'm leaving her. I felt tears coming but blinked them away. I have to stay strong for her. I have to. "but where are you going?" she asked. Shit. What am I going to tell her?! "I'm going to spend the night at my friends house for a long time ok?" i said. I hopee she understands. "but I'll miss you KK!" she said running up to me and hugging me. She started bawling. And so did I. How am I goig to leave her here alone with those monsters?! "It's ok baby! Look.." I say pulling her back and wiping her tears. I took of the necklace that I had on. It was a heart with my name ingraved on the inside. "Wear this and I will always be there no matter what. This will protect you from anything and anyone. With this you are um touchable. Got it?" I sag putting it on her. God was I going to miss her. "But how will you remember me?" she asked. "Hiw could I forget someone as special as you?" I say. It was true. I will never forget this little girl that I loved so much. "Hold on! Don't leave yet!!" she said while running to her room. She came back with her hands behind her back. "Close your eyes." she said. I did as she directed and felt something around my neck. It was a necklace that said 'Ashley' her name. I started crying. "Here. This is so that you neve feel lonely. That way just in case you forget me. You won't! I love you KK! please don't go." she hugged me one last time. "KYLYIE GET YOUR ASS OUT OF MY HOUSE!" my mother yell as she pried Ash of me. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" she scream. She kick led and tried to het out of her grip. I quickly grabbed my suitcase and ran out the door. Where was I going?!

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