In a town deep in the depths of a forest,there are whispers. Whispers of the return of their killer. Years ago, when Laura was only two, a strange man walked into a child's bedroom. A knife was held high to the heart of the child. But as the knife descended, the stranger saw the beauty in the child. He could not kill such beauty and he vowed to protect her from the dangers.
Years passed, and Laura's sixteenth is coming up. One day at school, a young beautiful boy comes to the school. Laura is drawn in by his beauty but he tries to avoid her. Slowly he lets her get closer as her birthday soon comes. Who is this young boy? And where is the killer today?
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1. Prolouge


©Copyright of Samantha Hallwood

The scent was strong, the gurgles the baby made in its slumber echoed through the room. The air was sweet, like candyfloss. There was only moonlight which brightened the room. I could see the child's chest slowly move up and down. She layed their in her little wooden bed, two years of age. I was sent to kill and destroy her short life. But I did not care now, I was in the zone. My mind set on her warm flowing blood, which will soon be shed upon the floor. I took a step closer towards the child, she rustled in her bed. She realizes something is happening. But I am so close, I would not care if she awakens.

It has been so easy, this stupid town have no security, nothing. But they know about the killings, they have witnessed them.  So why? 

I stepped over the barrier, which separated the town from the forest. There were no lights, except the full moon. It helped, it kept me from being seen by the villagers. I have killed here many of times. I know there are some nosy old women, who stare out of their windows. How many times before have I nearly been caught? I followed the scent I was given from Morag. It was a sweet smell, with a tang of a wet nappy.

The house was big, not as big as Morag's. It stood in the middle of a quiet street. Dark bricks, with white windowsills. The door was also white, it had a gold doorknob, which as I twisted unlocked easily. Normally, it would take a lot longer- but this was so simple. I climbed the wooden stairs, the scent started to get stronger and stronger. It made my tongue burn with hunger. My fingers altered the position of the knife. Ready to plunge into the child. It seemed so easy to get her, to easy. There was talk about a killing may happen, but where and who they did not know. The other child lays asleep, he looks about three, a years difference. The parents room, their are light snores coming from the bed. But these were no use for me, I was here for one thing. And that one thing, was a few steps away. Her bedroom was at the end of the corridor.  I opened the door, there she was, asleep. You could just see brown curls spread across the pillow. 

I stood over the child, knife in hand. This is it, time to die. I lifted the knife, her head came out of the covers slowly. The knife inches from her heart, she was awake. Her green, terrified eyes looked up at me. She had light freckles dotted around her face. Her lips full, and her nose a bit upturned. She was beautiful, how could I kill such a beauty?

I stepped away from her bed, putting the knife into its holder. She sat up in her bed. I turned around to flee, when I heard a light thud of feet. I felt her warm hand on my leg, I looked around. There she was staring up at me again, ah! Them eyes. I slid my leg out of her grip and darted from the room. I passed the parents bedroom, something was different. A creak of a floorboard broke the silence. A tall brunette man stood in front of me. His eyes bulging with anger, nostrils flared. He was good feet higher then me. I felt small and weak. It was the father. He grabbed for me but I was quick. I ran down the stairs, two at a time, and through the front door. I felt his deep breath, puffing as he ran. He was far enough for me to slow down. He wouldn't follow me anymore now. He will turn soon.

How could I do this? I have never loved a woman, or a child in my lifetime? But this connection I felt towards her, baffled me. I ran to the barrier, taking a quick glance back. She was stood at the window, smiling. I stopped, something strange was happening. And if Morag heard about this, I am dead. I have never let him down, but because of this girl, I have failed him. The father was approaching, I thought he would of gone now. I turned and ran again. I will take him on a wild goose chase. He will not know the forest as well as me. I ducked under branches and jumped over roots. His ragged breathing started to slow. I turned, he was nowhere in sight. I bent down next to a tree, catching my breath. 

How could I do this? What if he does come?I was to run, run away from here, run away from Morag. Of course he would find me, but what if he finds the girl first. I couldn't do that, I shall look out for her. 

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