He's Mine

As I turn 17, the things I thought were the most important, seemed to prove me wrong. So now I sit on this plane with my best friend Haley, waiting for my arrival in NY, my big break. Little did I know I was going to be staying at the most expensive apartment in Manhattan. Yeah, you heard right. Let's just say, my uncle is more than just a rich fellow. Maybe I'll meet someone special. Maybe they'll be real. Maybe they'll be my next door neighbor for the summer? All I hope is that the day I meet him, my heart is ready to let him in.


20. Pale Blue Eyes

Guysss! My new Niall Horan fanfic has finally been posted! Check it out please! It's called 'Pale Blue Eyes'. I hope you guys really like it. Please Like, Favorite, and Comment! I love you lot so so much okay <3 I'd really like to get at least 50 likes by the end of the month. How does that sound? Hope you're all Nialler girls like I am! And a Harry's girl... But that's irrelevant :) WE ALL KNOW NIALL HAS THE DREAMIEST EYES IN THE WHOLE OF THIS DIRECTIONER UNIVERSE. :D

- Sarah xoxo

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