One and Only (Sequel to forever and always1D fanfiction)

This is a sequel to Forever and Always (1D fanfiction)


1. Ch 1.

Nicole's POV:
It's been 5 years since Liam and I got married, I woke up when Emma was standing close to me "hey sweetie what's wrong"? I asked "mommy can I sleep with you and daddy because I can't sleep in my own room" she said with her little voice "of course you can baby you can sleep with me and daddy" I said as Liam stirred and woke up "hey Em what are you doing here"? Liam asked "she can't sleep in her room so maybe she can sleep with us" I said he just nodded and we went back to sleep.

~Next Morning

I woke up when I was the only one in bed when i heard noise down stairs i went down and found Liam making breakfast while Emma and Alex were watching TV "hey babe" I said as I went to Liam "morning sleepyhead I didn't wake you up because you look beautiful when you sleep" he said while he kissed me back "what time is it"? I asked "7:00" Liam said while taking a sip from his coffee "Emma and Alex let's eat cuz you guys don't want to be late for first day of kindergarten" I said "ok mommy" Alex said we soon ate and left the house "hi I'm Ms. Lee the kindergaten teacher "nice to meet you" I said I shook her hand and Liam did the same thing,
"mommy I don't want to go to school I just want to stay with you and daddy at home"Emma said scared "Em you have to go to school to learn" Liam said while picking her up "ok daddy I love you" she said " I love you too baby" Liam said then we left.

5 hours later

Liam's POV:
"Babe i have to pick the kids up from school" I said "ok babe" she yelled from the shower
I drove to the school and went in I saw Emma colouring and Alex playing toys "daddy" Emma said as she run in into me "hey Em did you have fun"? I asked "yes I did lots of stuff" she said "daddy" Alex said "hey buddy did you like your school"? I asked he nodded "come on let's go back to mommy" I said we soon came back to our house "mommy" Emma and Alex both said "Emma and Alex" she said as she hugged them both "so how is your teacher Ms. Lee"? Nicole asked "she is nice" Emma said "I told you you would like your school" Nicole said as we ate and watch a movie together as a family.
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