Memories Last Forever (Sequel to Love Never Dies)



2. Painting

Emily's POV:

I told Niall to go shopping while I painted with Liam. He agreed and took Liam with him.......I know names are confusing ok.....he took the baby  Liam with him while I took the big boy Liam with me. "I am here....TO PAINT!" Liam announced as he walked in wit ha paint brush and a can of blue paint. "As am I!" I exclaimed  in a British accent to mock him. "Liam, so are you good at writing- and spelling- your name?" I asked him. "No shit." He answered. "THEN GOOD! WE HAVE WORK TO DO!" I proclaimed. I opened the light blue/baby blue paint can and dipped my paint brush in it. "WAIT!" Liam exclaimed  I froze and turned around so I could face him. "Music." He simply said and plugged in his iPhone5 into speakers. "You know the song." I said and he smiled as he scrolled down the list. Rock Me started playing and we picked up our paint brushes and started to paint and dance. Every now and then, Liam would do a hip thrust and I would use my paint brush as a microphone. The song, I would played and I screamed, "SHUT UP I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG!" We started to dance and he sang so his voice sounded terribly so bad that it could kill.

A/N sorry this chapter is so short....I have total writers block for this book! Any one have any ideas? Comment them! 

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