Dreams Come True

this is a fan fic about one direction if you dont like one direction then you not gonna like this so dont click it :)


1. nancys POV

Hey guys my name is Nancy and  the worlds biggest directioner. Its not only because my best friend is Harry Styles yes THE Harry Styles from one direction but because all of the boys are really nice and sweet. my bestest friends in the world are Olivia,Destiny,Chloe,and kaitlyn,and my sister ashley i love her alot...she likes josh ;) oh and Harry haha almost forgot him but i remembered.Olivia has a really big crush on him and i think he likes her back. Ive liked harry for a while to but i think ive fallen in love with Niall yes Niall horan AHHHH!!! I KNOW RIGHT LOL. but anyways we love to hang out every thing is so much funnier when your with louis and olivia haha zayn makes everything cooler haha. Alls you gotta do for zayn to like you is give him a mirrior lol n just give louis a carrot and he loves you instantly haha thats what i did... no im just messin it took a while for them to warm up to me...me and harry has been best friends since we were 5 sometimes i think were related because of how much we act alike. its really scary...srry i got off track again anyways what was i saying oh yes nothing can get in the way of how much i love my best friends... i just wish that some how harry could get niall to fall in love with me...niall is so perfect i dont want him to change ever!!!!!!!! well i gotta go byee im gonna go hang out with harry the boys and the girls byee


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