Under the moonlight

This is for the Twilight competition. I am the biggest Twilight fan ever. Seriously, I'm not kidding. So I decided to enter this competition.


7. Protection

Well, what could I say. I was a werewolf. An oversized, furry, ferocious werewolf. Sure, we are good wolves, but I don't want them to be able to read my thoughts! It's a wolf thing. I don't want wolf things to include me! Well, one thing IS good; I will be protected from the murderous vampires that I seem to attract like a magnet.
'The red-head' Jacob reminded me, sending memories of the violent, snarling Victoria through my mind. Her hair wasn't orange;that would be an understatement. It was too vibrant, too threatening. Like sun in the middle of space, or fire on water. She wanted to burn me, whether by killing me or..... Burning. Wait. It reminded me of last spring when I was bitten by her mate, James, who's venom pulsed through my veins, leaving behind a cold scar. As I got to the later memories, I realized that I was shaking. I needn't remember those days.
'Bella' Jacob thought, having heard my memories that I struggled with. I flickered to a memory of Laurent, sweet but bloodthirsty.
'Don't worry, we got rid of him' Jake assured me.
'You.killed.Laurent?!' I sqeaked.
'Yeah. He wasn't a friend of yours, was he?'
'No, I'm glad. It's just.... How are you still alive?'
'Youre little faith in us is a little insulting' Seth laughed, interrupting our silent conversation. I realized that the rest of the wolves had gathered around us. I crinkled my nose; well as much as I could when I was in this form anyway.
'What's that smell?' I asked mentally. I got an answer from everyone at the exact same time.
'Bloodsucker'. At the sound of this word, I immediately started running.

'I need to kill her' I snarled in my mind. 'Victoria, the red-head' I corrected as I sprinted along the forest, searching for her. As I kept running, though, I realized that I wasn't tracking Victoria's sent. I was tracking someone that smelt a lot like.... Like.... I couldn't quite put my finger on who, but I recognized them.
'Bella!' Jake hissed.
'No. I must go alone' I demanded. I suddenly stopped in my tracks. 'Laurent' I realized, whining. How was it possible? He was dead, right?
'Bella, you'll put yourself in danger. The pack can't lose you now' Sam thundered.
'No. I need to figure out who it is' I resisted. Jake stood to my side, taking a defense position protectively. ' I can't lose you now Bella, you're all I have' he pleaded.
'I'm sorry Jake, but really, I'll be fine' I assured him, snuggling into his side. I dashed off after I thought I'd had enough of just standing there.
'Wait!' Jake called after me. 'I have something for you!' He had a tight leather chord wrapped around his muzzle. On the end of the small material loop attatched to it were what I realized were my clothes. 'You might need these'
'Thanks' I said, as I stepped into the loop so that it was tightly wrung around my leg. 'Love you' I thought, dashing away again. Within seconds, howls looped into my ears from through the trees. I sighed.

As I approached the meadow, I noticed that the smell of Laurent was different. More feminine. That could not be good. I shuddered and struggled as I tried to transform human again. A rip tore through my spine and next thing I knew, I was standing naked in the middle of the forest. I pulled the rope off my leg and broke my clothes of the ring, shrugging into them within seconds. I slung the rope over my shoulder and ventured out into the strange light of the meadow, none of the midnight dark affecting the exuberance and brightness of the unshown sun. As I stepped into the field, I immediately noticed a dark figure standing directly across the meadow. Just as I stepped forward, she was in front of me.
"Well well" she purred.
"Who are you?"
"My name is Anastasia of the American Nomad's Coven. But tell me, where are these so called over protective vampires?"
I grimaced. "Vampires are my enemy now" I hissed automatically, as if my instincts told me to.
"Really? Who would have my kind as an enemy?" She questioned, though she knew what the reply would be.
"Wolves" I growled, moving into a defensive position.
"Wolves?" She startled me by her puzzled tone," And what do you know about these wolves?"
"Almost everything there is to know" I replied vaguely.
"Ah, I should've guessed. Laurent mentioned that you were close with these little dogs" she muttered. Laurent. That's why I recognized the scent... The.... The chalky brown skin and the large black eyes.... The rough spindly brown hair......
"You're.... You know Laurent?"
"Yes..." She exaggerated the 's', "he was my brother. Then you're mutts came and shredded him apart. I'm here to get my vengeance. It's the least I could do, anyway" she hissed. I growled. We weren't mutts, we were wolves.
"That's it" I snarled. "I got rid of your brother, now I'm going to get rid of you". My clothes shredded as I flew through the air, phasing in the middle of my leap. As soon as I hit the ground, a chorus of voices swam through my mind. "Bella!" They all chanted. I didn't care; I was about to kill some vampire.

I turned around to see my opponent fuming. She was hissing violently and her eyes were wide with fury. "You want a fight? Get ready for your last one" she threatened. I let a growl tear through my body, and leaped towards her. She let out a blood-curdling roar and charged at me. I let out yet another bark escape my lips and then continued toward her, my mouth curled up to show my teeth. I snapped and dug my teeth into her head, trying to rip it off. She put her arms around me and tightened herself there. I let out a yelp but kept fighting. I eventually dug my teeth into her crumpled skull (from my original attack) and took a big chunk out of it. I threw it across the meadow and kept going until I had tore her apart, limb by limb. I realized that a crowd had gathered by the left side of the meadow. The other eight werewolves of Sam's pack were standing by the forest. Lots of them were cheering and congratulating me in their minds, except two, which were furious.
'You could've gotten killed!'
'You're part of the pack. If we lose you, we lose a sister'
'Why did you do that?'
'Seriously though, she could've bitten you!'
As I listened to their list of complaints- obviously Sam's more reasonable than Jacob's- I limped over to them, flopping down in front of them. Next thing I knew, I was phasing back to a human. I had no clothes! What would I do? Seriously, I needed to ask Leah how she dealt with this everyday. The pack ran into the forest, and, next thing I knew, they were coming back as their human selves, also with no clothes. I voluntarily looked away as Jacob picked me up and ran back to the Black's house with me in his arms, the others trailing behind. As soon as we got there, he took me to the living room and set me down on the couch. Immediately he was crouching at my side.
"It's ok Bella, you only dislocated your knee. It'll be healed within a half-an-hour" he assured me.
"A dislocated knee? Half an hour? Are you crazy?!" I asked, appalled that he would even think that.
"It's a wolf thing" he winked at me.
"We heal about ten times quicker than normal humans do, Bella" Sam walked in, explaining in more detail. "And really Jacob, get the girl some clothes. You could do with some too" he advised. I winced at the pain pulsing from my knee.
"I'll be back soon" Jake whispered, kissing my cheek and then leaving. I knew he would be back within minutes, but it still hurt to know that he wasn't there with me. I closed my eyes and tried to drift off into unconsciousness, only to fail and have to face the pain getting worse, even though my knee was getting better. I was brought back to the real world by someone's hand touching my face. I opened my eyes to see Jacob grinning down at me, my clothes in his hand.
"You seem oddly comfortable" he noted.
"I have to admit, some clothes WOULD be nice"
"Here" he handed them to me. "I'll just... Step out"
"I won't be long" I promised.
"Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere that isn't near you" he vowed. I slowly sat up and realized that the pain in my right knee had eased. I could stand on it but it was very weak. I pulled my black shirt over my head, and then balanced my left arm on the couch for support until I had got my dark blue jeans on. "Jake" I called out, and he came straight back in. "It's almost healed" I smiled.
"I told you. It should only be a few minutes before you can go back to Charlie's house and get some more sleep"
Charlie! I forgot about him. I was lucky, though, that it was too early for him to be getting up for work already. Suddenly, vibrations rippled through my spine. "Jake?" I asked. "What's happening?"
"You're phasing again. It's always hard to control at first, but you need to keep your clothes in one piece. Take them off and run outside, now" he instructed calmly. I stripped off and ran outside, transforming immediately.

That was going to get really annoying.
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