Catch Me (One Direction Fan Fic)

Nora Reynolds, the pretty,smart,funny,and popular girl. Always getting what she wants. No matter what all she talks about is One Direction. And when she's not talking about them, she is talking about me. Hunter Reid, A.k.a the girl who tries to hard... Ever since 6th grade she has bullied me, called me names, and killed my self-esteem. Of course she wouldn't do it if he found out that I can make her dreams come true... Oh I forgot to tell you, One Direction and I are really close, how's that for crushing her dreams...


2. Flipping the bird

I wasn't very big into staring contests, but Nora's eyes could make someone go crazy. She smiled at me with a hint of hate knowing that her mother was staring at us through the window. Her Barbie's following behind her like the smell of smoke does to me. Her expression was to much for me to handle. I looked down at the cold cement hoping for me to trip somehow. I wouldn't let Nora get the best of me. I walked to me car and opened the door hearing the rusty hinges turn. As I got in the car it shook. I sat down and drove away. I was never afraid of Nora, but what I saw in the rearview made me fill with anger. She stood their with a nasty expression on her face lifting her middle finger up to eye level. I turned the corner and rolled my eyes. But the next thing I know, tears were running down my eyes. Burning the cuts from Nora that day in school. I wasn't sure why, but I was crying. I texted Harry saying that I was on my way and should be there in about half an hour. He replied sweetly with an "Ok Babe:)" I drove on until I pulled up to the house to see boys standing I. The front hard with a gift. Today was going to be a good day.
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