Down Castle Street

walking down the street is normal right, what happens when you can see the past the future of the most memorable events that ever happened on the same date.

This is for a competition so please take a look and like i would appreciate comments.


1. The 10th of November A Day To Remember

I roll out of bed whilst looking for my phone, under my pillow where I always put it because who doesn't sleep with their phone. Checking my phone for the time I shuffle to my window to look at what the weather feels like today. I have woken up a bit early than I usually do which really seems strange because I normally sleep in.

My phone plays my favourite song, I reach out and grab seeing my friends text to meet her in Costa's I grin as    I finish my cereal. Cammy is the only person I  know who wakes up at seven in the morning to get her usual fix of coffee from a bonafide coffee shop unlike the rest of us.

Wearing my dark purple skinnys, and my favourite top, and red sneakers I feel ready to take on the World. Grabbing my house keys I shove them into my black satchel and check I have enough money to go out. I think about the competition from my absolute favourite website, where we're to  come up about stories about our street.

I grin walking down the street. What would I write it's really boring because most people here are too posh to come out and I don't even know my previous next door neighbour until they moved out. I don't even know if it was a boy or a girl. 

The sun peaks out of the heavy set clouds and I realise I should've bought my umbrella because the weather is so unpredictable. Opening the heavy green door of our flat I pause to look up and down the street which I usually do not that there is anything to see I do it because its routine. 

Cars of different kinds line our street making it a one lane road even though it should have been two lanes. The street is a mixture of detached houses and flats which are not high rises more first floor and second with three apartments each. Down my street I mostly see old people standing outside for a  crafty smoke and the usual dog walkers going to the esplanade to with their dogs. 

Walking down Castle street named after the Castle at the end of the road lying next to the River it easy to see why it was named after the castle.

The sun gives up and disappears under the clouds and it seems unusually dark for seven in the morning it almost seems like evening. I hurry hoping it doesn't rain until I can reach the cafe so I can safely watch the rain from inside drinking my mocha.

Not noticing where I'm going I trip I guess I hit my head pretty hard because As I try to stand up I see black spots and everything suddenly goes black.




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