Swept Me Off My Feet

Reeeeead it .. ;*


10. That morning

Kimberly's P.O.V

I woke up in an empty bed, i started having flashbacks of lastnight, i smiled at the thought of it, i rolled out of bed and tripped over something ..it was his clothes and i felt really cold and then i realized i was still naked , i found some of his boxers and i put some on and i just threw my bra back on , i ran downstairs to find a very sexy yet still naked louis sleeping on the stairs , i ran back up and got his boxers and slid them on, as i was getting up , someone (assuming louis) grabbed my ankle and i fell on my back  hard and louis busted out laughing,

"Did you just do that to me?" he laughed even harder and got up and stood over me "Maybe i did babe" he said holing out his hand to help me up, when i got up i slapped him playfully on the back of the head and he pushed me and i stumbled over...but i caught myself and didnt fall, and louis was just busting out laughing, "Thats not funny" i said serious (but on the inside i was laughing at myself )

"sorry babe" he said grabbing my waist and pulling me face to face, i couldnt help it i busted out laughing  i ran my hand down his chest and tugged on his boxers and started to walk into the kitchen when they was a knock on the door , he ran and got it and it was niall..

"you guys have any food im starving" he said walking into the kitchen , then there was another knock it was liam , zayn and perrie they all walked into the kitchen, then there was one more knock on the door i ran to get , then i felt louis tugg on the boxers and they totally slid down  so now my bare ass was showing to everyone "Louis!" i shrieked as he grabbed me from behind covering my ass, he turned me around so i was facing the lovely people who were staring at me, i tried pulling them up but louis held them down.

"Louis please...babe" i said frustrated, he slapped my ass (VERY HARD) and pulled it up "OW ! Louis" i said turning towards him walking over towards the door, he turned around and made a kissy face, then he opened the door and it was harry...SHIT.. i had no shirt on , i ran upstairs and grabbed louis shirt and ran back down and ran into the kitchen, and talked to perrie like i hadnt even moved Louis and harry made there way into the kitchen and i tried to make no eye-contact with harry what..so ever.

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