Swept Me Off My Feet

Reeeeead it .. ;*


1. Getting To The Studio

Kimberly's P.O.V

I got in the car with my dad wondering where we were going, because he wouldnt tell me , no matter what i did, i gave 20$ and he just put in his pocket and kept quiet then we pulled into this parking lot with this big buliding in front of it called 'Pepsi co.' i was thinking if we were getting pepsi or something,

He got out the car and opened my door, he still didnt tell me why we were here , once we got inside a lady at the desk said "They are waiting for you in the studio" i turned to look where it was and there was this little sign that said Drew Brees & 1D. I suddenly felt sick to my stomach and a littled annoyed, "Dad .." i said a little rudely, "Im doing a pepsi commercial with one direction okay ?" he said walking towards the studio door.

"Dad you know i dont like one direction , why would you bring me here ?" i said walking slowly to him, "Because you havent even met them and maybe if you met them maybe you would see they arent bad people" he said trying to keep me calm  and shoving me in the door, i knew what he meant but i still didnt like them ..they only was i like what louis and liam because louis was funny and liam seemed so sweet and he looked like a real gentlemen. Harry kinda always annoyed me because everyone liked him, Zayn..i guess he was alright. and Niall...he had always been cute to me but not my type.

As i walked in the door, all the boys looked at me.... i kinda tried to avoid making eye-contact but i ended up staring right into harrys, i shot my head down and sat down in a little chair in the corner, i just stared down at my feet and kinda just hugged myself, it was a little cold in there and i was starting to shiver....badly

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