the celebrity dream

Alison is a 18 year old girl who is visting london. She has gone all the way from new york to work for her uncle at a university as a lunch person. At the university she meets celebrity justin beiber.It is any ones dream come true. They start dating. Will there love survive?


1. The move

Alison had woken up. She was ready to start the day. Today would be a new start. She was moving to london,england to live with her uncle and get payed to be the lunch lady in the kitchen. She was so sad from her brake up with her boy friend Robert that she didn't want to date anyone for a while. He broke up with her to be with her best friend Annie. To make things worse it was on prom night. She hadn't spocken to Annie since.

"Come on Alison. It is a big day today." said her mum

"Come in a sec mum." said Alison

She was looking at her phone seeing if Annie had text her. She hadn't. Maybe there friendship was over for good.That is what Alison thought. She took her suitcase and pulled it down the stairs. She put her suitcase in there front room and went to the kitchen.

"There you are Alison. You have been ages upstairs. What were you doing?" said her mum

"I was just looking at my phone." said Alison

"Seeing if Annie had text you again." said her mum

"Yes. I am not going to bother anymore I guess are friendship is over for good." said Alison

"You should call her when you get to london. Now eat your breakfast. I made it especially for you. Rosie come down stairs." said her mum

Alison's little sister Rosie came down the stairs while she started eating her breakfast. Rosie was 6 years old and today she was going to elementary school.

"I am going to miss you Alison. Will you come back soon?" said Rosie

"I will come back for haloween. As in england they don't have thanksgiving. I will video chat you tonight." said Alison

"Ok Alison." said Rosie

"Come on Alison finish your breakfast. I need to drive you to the  airport while your dad takes Rosie to school." said her mum

"I am just finishing my toast." said Alison

She finished her toast and then went to the living room to pick up her suitcase. She ran to her mums car and put her suitcase on the front seat. She had one thing in her hand,that was very precious to her. It was a photo of her with annie when they were 7. All that was in the past now and she would make new friends. 

An hour later she was at the airport. She started to talk to her mum.

"See you soon mum. I will be back soon." said Alison

See you soon Alison. I will video chat you tonight." said her mum

Alison ran to her flight with her suitcase. Tear rolled down her cheek as slow as snail.

"New life here I come." said Alison as she hopped on the plane. 

She took a big breath and sat down on the plane.


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