The Rebirth Project

(Sequel to Lillith)

The Rebirth Project, a seemingly innocent way of giving the lucky subjects the life they never had. Yet under the skin of it, lies the remains of a fratured leader.

Enter Evelyn, a young woman tortured by the sins and trials of her bloody past. She is the new "Subject 1" under the projects new leadership, but her origins are unknown. Yet Evelyn has more of a connection with the project then they know.


1. The New Girl

Autors Note: You should read my blurb Lillith first before coming here, as this is the spiritual sequel. Happy reading!


The New Girl


Evelyn laid strapped to the bed, the dark room endlessly spinning. The memories of her past played before her, filled with death and blood. Yet she was unfazed, if not appearing bored. The Director, Dr. Moore, watched from afar, waiting for a reaction. Since the original projects leader was murdered nearly twelve years ago, getting the Rebirth project jump started again was a hassle.

                Of course, she had gotten lucky to have Evelyn as her new “Subject 1”. There was always some tortured soul in the world, and this girl was no different. Still, she wondered about the other woman, the one who killed the first director.


                Her whereabouts had gone dark after the man was killed, and despite a massive search, they never found her. She was an enigma, but that was the past. Everyone gave up on her, and focused on the future. The new future that was beginning with Evelyn. Her memories were being recorded, as best they could be through the multitude of sensors.

                Evelyn never volunteered for the program, but she was considered a mute so she had no choice. It was “For the best” as they said. For the best? She thought, as she laid on the bed. What the hell does that mean? Soon the straps came off, and she was lead to her room. It was partially bare, with only a bed and dresser inside.

                “This is where you’ll be sleeping while we treat you.” Said the Director, leading her inside. “Take your time in getting familiar with it Evelyn; try to make it feel like home.”

                Or whatever home was, thought Evelyn.

                The door was shut behind her, as she was left alone for the next few minutes.  Evelyn took a seat on the bed, and pulled the locket she had kept hidden in her pocket open. Inside was a picture of her mother, the only one she every really liked. Her mother’s dark green eyes showed the bravery she harbored, and hid the secrets of her own past. 

                She hadn’t seen her mother in over five years. Everyone thought she was dead, but Evelyn knew better. She was there, watching and waiting in case anything happened to her daughter. Then a sudden knock on the door startled her, and Evelyn stuffed the locket back in her pocket for safe keeping. She was lucky they didn’t frisk her as well as they thought.

                “Come on, it’s time for evaluation.” Said the Director.

                Evelyn then followed her down the long hallway, to what appeared to be a conference room. The footage of her mind played faintly in the background. She was hoping she wouldn’t see it again, but apparently she had no choice. All she wanted was to start over, but that was going to be a long drawn out process. Evelyn wasn’t out of the woods yet.

                “Based on what we’ve seen,” said the Director grimacing slightly, “You treatment will be special. We will take it slow, only giving you the shots once every two weeks.”

                “Why two weeks?” asked Evelyn, her voice light yet stern. The Director and the other personnel looked back in shock. They had never expected her to speak, at least not yet. Evelyn smiled lightly, almost like she was holding a dark secret in the quiet reaches of her mind; something the technology couldn’t capture.

                “Well…It’s so you won’t suffer the after effects. You know what they are I presume?” Stated the Director.

                Evelyn simply nodded, the menacing smile now gone. After the shots, hallucinations and other aspects of insanity would follow. For this, she would be put in solitary confinement for however long they deemed feasible.

                Evelyn and the others in the room left then, where she was lead to another room. This one had a bed like the evaluation room, where she was strapped in before the shot was administered. The needle was larger than what many would be used to, and even Evelyn felt afraid as she started to tremble slightly.

                Suddenly she felt herself getting pulled into the darkness of her mind, as the past flashes before her. She was powerless to stop it, as she felt as though her head was going to split open. She had nothing to make it stop, and all she could do was silently scream as the drugs took effect.

                Was this pain worth it? Worth the hope of a new life?

 Maybe, maybe not, but the pain dulled her thoughts as hell was unleashed.


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